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Jillie Bean Invites Would-be Musicians to Strut Their Stuff on the Sidewalk

Howler monkeys have better ears for music than I do, but that doesn't keep me from trying to come up with good vibrations. I thought Phinicky Productions' new Jillie Bean musical app might be the thing for me.


iLava Lamp is no Way Near Far Out, Man

I thought Gotham Waves Games' iLava, Virtual Lava Lamp, would be a groovy kind of the thing. You know, something that you and your frat-boy friends would gawk at and say "Gee whiz!" or something like that.


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Hold On! - The Game You Love to Hate

This game has ZERO learning curve. Just put your finger down and don’t let go. The app keeps track of how long you can keep your finger pressed.


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iLaugh, You Laugh, We All Laugh

Why is six afraid of seven? Because 7,8,9! (Cue hysterical laughter.) This might be an extreme example, but now you really can "cue the laughtrack" when telling jokes that are more "roll your eyes" than "rolling on the floor." iLaugh Sound Machine is the most amusing 99 cents I've spent on an iPhone app so far.


Rubberduck Fails to Float

I'm pretty easily amused. I find joy in the little things. So, I fully expected to like Rubberduck. I mean, it wasn't gonna make the top 10 most useful apps list, but surely it's good for a few laughs.


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