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Buy Meporter - Local Area News & Events - The Beat on the Street on the App Store

Stop the Presses with Meporter

Meporter - Citizen journalism has been all the rage of late, with sites like Patch and CNN's iReport encouraging users to submit articles and multimedia. Local newspapers have especially taken the brunt of newspaper closures, often leaving a gap in coverage for many communities.

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Decoding the iPad - We Answer Your Questions about iPad Technology

Apple set up some pretty high expectations with its promise of a "revolutionary and magical" device. Based on our experience and most reviews the iPad meets many of its lofty expectations. iPad is the first mobile device that comes close to being a laptop replacement.


Buy ToucHotel: Hotels, B&Bs and Apartments Worldwide on the App Store

ToucHotel Finds Hotels with Just a Few Touches

As the summer travel season is approaching, there are some serious benefits to being an iPhone user. If you haven’t already discovered the numerous ways to use your iPhone to find restaurants, buy tickets, book hotels, and perform other useful tasks while traveling, then it’s time to start living a little.


Voice Mark Lets You Audio Tag and Go

Voice Mark — If you and your iPhone 3G or 3GS get around a lot, you may find it’s sometimes hard to remember your impressions about each place you've visited. GeoGraffiti’s Voice Mark provides you with the ability create audio geotags of each location that interests you as well as listen to the audio geotags created by other users of this app.

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Buy GlobeMaster: Offline Travel Guide & Utilities on the App Store

Globemaster: Offline Travel Guide is Clever, Polished and Endlessly Interesting

Whether you're planning an exotic itinerary or just imagining a trip to foreign lands, Globemaster: Offline Travel Guide is a good place to start.

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Paris 3D Presents a New Way to Discover the City of Lights

Paris 3D is more than just an awesome map app, it's a practical guidebook for discovering Paris on foot, in a car, or from your living room.

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Ski Lodge is More Than Just Snow Reports

Ski Lodge is not the first snow reports app that I have reviewed, but it is just as good as the rest of them. It also offers much more than the rest of the snow report apps. The opening page of Ski Lodge shows all of the favorite resorts you have saved.

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Google Maps Update Makes a Traveler's Delight

Google Maps was already one of the strongest built-in apps on the iPhone. But with the 2.2 software update the addition of Street View and the ability to get public transit information make this almost a necessity for traveling or getting around a major city.


Buy Vlingo - Voice App on the App Store

vlingo Takes Voice-Recognition Mobility to the Next Level

vlingo, the company, has just released vlingo, the iPhone app, which is similar in concept to the fast-rising Google Mobile app. Like Google's app, vlingo makes it possible for iPhone owners to vocally enter search terms into Google.

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Interview with Aware Technologies developers of StepTrakLite

AppCraver recently spoke with Ari Benbasat and Rich W. DeVaul from Aware Technologies, the developer team behind StepTrakLite. They answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


MyNetDiary: Portrait of a Profitable 3 Person App Startup

One of the things that interests us the most at AppCraver is understanding what it takes to build a successful startup in the new App Store ecosystem. One such startup is New Jersey based 4technologies, makers of "MyNetDiary", a $9 a month weight loss app that we covered in the MyNetDiary post.


Buy Where To? - Discover your next destination using GPS on the App Store

Where To Leads Straight to Google Maps for Quick, Easy Navigation

Where To is a nice front end intended to make your iPhone or iPod Touch act more like a portable GPS such as the TomTom or Magellan. It's basically a slick user interface for the Google Maps function already built into the iPhone. But underneath this simple explanation Where To is an awesome time-saving adventure starter.

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GolfFlyOver Coming Soon

Our friends at PosiMotion clued us in to the upcoming release of GolfFlyOver, an app that gives you a bird's-eye view of any of 12,000 golf courses they have in their database. But wait, there's more: There won’t be any surprises on the golf course for iPhone owners now that GolfFlyOver puts aerial views of over 12,000 golf courses along with pinpoint yardage information in the palm of their hand.


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