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Trophy Whitetail 3D Hunting Aims for the Shooting Trophy...

For all of you guys that enjoy hunting a variety of animals like deer, elk, caribou, and bears; Hands-On Mobile has cooked up something just for you. Trophy Whitetail 3D Hunting is a game that places you in the shoes of a hunter with several weapons available to kill your targeted game.


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Duck Killer Lacks Killer Instinct of Other Hunting Apps

Hunting has a long tradition in video games. There was Duck Hunt, a classic that many still own or have downloaded to their Nintendo Wii. Or there is the Big Game Hunter series. Hunting games have developed their own niche among video game fans.


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iHunt Shoots, Misses, Falls Hopelessly Flat

If shooting something other than goblins and demons has crossed your mind, you just might try your luck with iHunt. iHunt transports you to scenic places to do your hunting. Choose your weapon a shotgun or a rifle and peer through a scope to shoot your “game”. Use the accelerometer to move your weapon on the screen to shoot your targets.


TurkeyHunt: Free Target Practice for All Ages

With Thanksgiving just around the corner iPhone users might find more Turkey than they can tap a finger at. TurkeyHunt is a seasonal game that just landed in the App Store. It's a race against time to kill the turkeys on the screen to make it to the next level.