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Rhythm Studio Includes More Ways to Explore Vintage Sounds

Rhythm Studio Includes More Ways to Explore Vintage Sounds

"The latest major update of Rhythm Studio takes the app to an entirely new level allowing users to be more creative while exploring vintage sounds and different synthesis styles." - said William Iturzaeta, Application Architect Pulse Code is proud to announce the release and immediate worldwide availability of their first major update for Rhythm Studio.


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djay Takes Mixing a Party Playlist to New Level

An outstanding party playlist is irrevocably the most important part of the evening. It sets the tone for the night and can turn your shindig into a chest pounding, musical masterpiece or consequently, it can also turn the party into a "Hey, can we get that to go..." mass exodus.

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SaxMan Falls Flat — App Fails to Deliver on Description

What can I say about SaxMan, from Yudo Games, except that it really blows. I have no idea what happened to SaxMan on the way from the drawing board to the App Store but it looks like it might have had a house with a three-car garage dropped on it.


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FourTrack is a Big Step in iPhone Music Production.

When developer Sonoma Wire Works set out to create a multi-track recorder for the iPhone, they enlisted the help of Retronyms, creators of the best selling Recorder iPhone app. Together they built FourTrack, the closest anyone has gotten to creating a rich-featured, studio-quality multi-track recording app for the iPhone.

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Best-selling Ocarina Puts You in Touch With Your Inner Vibe

I'm not much of a musician. Back in grade school, I was always the kid who got the triangle while all the other kids got flutes, slide whistles, thumb pianos and other neat instruments. So when I first saw Smule's Ocarina, currently the best-selling, paid app in the App Store, I knew I would finally be able to express my inner vibe.