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Top Tips and Tricks for Extending the iPad Battery Life

Top Tips and Tricks for Extending the iPad Battery Life

There oughtta be a law against battery-sucking devices that don't have the energy to get through the day. The iPad is the newest darling of our erstwhile representatives in Washington, according to Politico.com, so maybe they will take on the task of mandating that tablets as awesome as the iPad come  with extended battery life — or at least enough juice to get through two PowerPoint presentations, 10 chapters of a favorite book and 6-10 addicting hours of our favorite games.

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Wonky WiFi: Problems and Solutions for iPad Internet Woes

Your iPad is always on, and it’s always a touch away from the Internet. That is, of course, unless you are experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, the iPad’s evil twin. The moment the tablets were in users’ hands, the issues began.


Decoding the iPad - We Answer Your Questions about iPad Technology

Apple set up some pretty high expectations with its promise of a "revolutionary and magical" device. Based on our experience and most reviews the iPad meets many of its lofty expectations. iPad is the first mobile device that comes close to being a laptop replacement.


WiFi or 3G iPad? Answers to Your Questions about iPad and the Internet

With iPad 3G scheduled for release April 30 prospective buyers will need to decide if they want to hold out for the 3G version or decide if a Wi-Fi-only iPad is their preferred option. Today's iPad FAQ addresses the main issues in making that decision.


FAQ: Answers to the Top Questions about What iPad Can and Cannot Do

The iPad is spectacular at many things. If your experience is like mine you will find that it is great for surfing the web, reading eBooks, watching movies and TV shows, playing games, and light document creation.

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