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Buy SlingPlayer for iPhone on the App Store

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch Puts Your TV in Hand

The long-awaited SlingPlayer Mobile for Sling Media’s SOLO, PRO and PRO-HD TV set-top boxes finally made its grand appearance in the App Store on Wednesday. If you aren’t an owner of one of Sling Media’s set-top boxes, here’s what they do: Plug in your Sling Media black box into your cable or satellite box and you can “sling” your TV programming to your desktop or laptop from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.


Buy Rowmote: Remote Control for Mac on the App Store

Rowmote Will Make You Hug Your Macs

Rowmote - Most advertising and marketing messages I encounter registers as background noise somewhat akin to what you’d hear in a crowded mall around the holiday season. You see messages everywhere on your television, favorite websites, mobile phone, billboards, airline tray-backs, and even urinals.

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