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Appitudez Financial Calculator is a Killer Tool

Appitudez Financial Calculators is an excellent collection of consumer and business tools that should serve the needs of those shopping for a loan, car, or investment. Businesspeople who need to break down financial numbers while away from the computer are also likely to find it incredibly useful.


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InvestCalc Gives a Detailed View of Financial Future

InvestCalc is a handy calculator app that (unsurprisingly) provides users with the ability to calculate how their money might grow over the life of an investment. The app can also calculate debts such as long-term loans and provides an amazing amount of financial insight for $0.99.

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Mortgage Calculators to Help You Buy Low and Sell High

Mortgage Calculators to Help You Buy Low and Sell High

Mortgage and loan calculators – A real estate agent told me recently that she’s seen a small uptick in house sales in my little town. Along with most Americans who own, or plan to buy, homes, my wife and I are always worrying how the current economy will affect us.

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Buy Loan Plan - Mortgage Calculator with Amortization Schedule for any business or personal loan (student, home, boat, vehicle) on the App Store

Loan Plan - Amortization Calculator Helps You Get Things in Order

Recently, a plethora of apps that help people manage their personal finances have found their way to the App Store. Loan Plan is an app that helps you manage your budget efficiently. If you're excited about buying a car and don't have Suzie Orman around as the voice of reason. This app will give it to you instantly.

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LoanPad Offers Great Way to Compare Different Loans

LoanPad is a useful assistant to anyone thinking about a loan or paying a loan. The first iPhone app by developer centerThread, loanPad offers the possibility of analyzing different loan scenarios and it lets the user save numerous loans to compare or manage.

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