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Jink Launches on iPhone and Android - Aims to Make Meetups Delightful

Greenhouse Apps today is pleased to introduce Jink, the location-sharing app which makes it exceptionally easy to meet up with people you know. With just a few taps, you can send a 'Jink' to anyone in your phonebook and, once they accept, you'll see each other move in real-time.


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En Route! 2.0 Brings Privacy to Location Sharing

Collaborating on the go. This is the nature of our modern life. Mobile application developers have produced numerous apps to help us collaborate when we are mobile. But, are these new service keeping customer data private?


En Route! Updates Makes Real-Time Location Sharing Even Easier

En Route! Updates Makes Real-Time Location Sharing Even Easier

"Are we there yet?" Ah, the mantra of kids traveling in the backseat for ages. "Are you here yet?" Just as annoying, this friend, family and colleague quip via text and phone call is no longer needed with the real-time location sharing web and mobile app En Route!, which announced an update this week.


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Friend Mapper is a Cool Concept for the Right Audience

Friend Mapper — Combine the iPhone's built-in GPS with our natural tendency to be nosy and you get a plethora of location-based apps that allow users to find, follow and map their friends.

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