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Azkend is a Puzzle Game Polished to Near Perfection

Developed by MythPeople, Azkend is a casual puzzle game available for play online and now on sale in the App Store. Azkend features several challenges to be completed along with the traditional match three or more puzzle premise.

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Match Three Birds in Tweezzle to Enjoy the Scenery

Match Three Birds in Tweezzle to Enjoy the Scenery

Tweezzle, from developer Arjen van Rhijn, is nice-looking, even a bit slick, but in the end, Tweezle's just another match-three game. In this version, line up three birdies to get rid of them.


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H.E.X. is in the Mix If You Like Match-Up Games

p13development's H.E.X. is 60 percent off at the moment (which makes it $0.99) and that's a smart move on the part of the developer. H.E.X. is a match-up game and the shelves in the App Store are packed with the genre.

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Buy Dapple - Color Mixing, Puzzle Game Fun! on the App Store

Dapple Mixes Up the Match-Three Genre

If you've played Aurora Feint, Bejeweled or other games where you line up three or four similar objects to eliminate them, then you already have a good idea of what Streaming Colour Studios' Dapple is about.

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PileUp! Candymania: More Fun, Less Filling

PileUp! Candymania (from RealNetworks), a cross between a normal "match three" type of game like Bejeweled and classic Tetris, is certainly the sweetest thing I've seen for the iPhone. There are 60 levels of increasing difficulty in which players manipulate bright, shiny pieces of candy to pile matching pieces together and clear the level.

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Gemmed! Lite Sparkles in the Match-Three Genre

Gemmed! Lite by Wasted Pixel is an iPhone app that caught me by surprise. When I first got this app, I wasn’t expecting much. I previously played similar match-three games on other phones. I played those games to death and frankly became burned out with these types of puzzle games. As soon as I started Gemmed! Lite I immediately perked up.

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Bubble Town: Shoot and Pop Puzzle Game Lacks Action

I generally like bubble puzzle shooting games like Snood, so I was looking forward to playing I-play's Bubble Town. What I came away with was the thought that the developer tried to shove a game into a platform that it is ill suited for.

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Buy Chop Sushi! on the App Store

Chop Sushi: Cooking Up Some Raw Fun in Match-Three Genre

Good news for the less-adventurous eaters out there: you don't have to like actual sushi to enjoy Chop Sushi, the puzzle game by THQ. Chop Sushi has a few different modes, but the heart of the application is a simple switch-and-match game, similar to Bejeweled.

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Bonsai Blast Puts the Zen Into Shooting Marbles

Bonsai Blast is a zen-themed color matching puzzle game by California-based global mobile game publisher Glu, the company behind the app Space Monkey. Like other color matching marble games, Bonsai Blast is highly addictive and a great game if you have some time to kill.

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Interview with Jody Evenson of CouchWorld Games

AppCraver recently spoke with Jody Evenson of CouchWorld Games, the developer team behind Shards and Shardsette. She answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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