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Personalize Children's Memory Game With Familiar Faces

Personalize Children's Memory Game With Familiar Faces

Atipik Creative Factory today is pleased to announce Memory for Children Bimbadaboum 1.2 for iOS, an update to their free memory Game where kids can match cartoon animals or photos of people they know.


SwipeTapTap Free for a Limited Time - Play this Fun and Addictive Game

MochiBits today is proud to announce SwipeTapTap is now free for a limited time. SwipeTapTap (STT) was previously featured on Apple's "New and Noteworthy", "What's Hot", "Staff Favorites", and "What We're Playing" lists and currently has a 4.5 star rating on iTunes.


Buy Keep the Balance! Feng Shui Game on the App Store

Feng Shui Game: Keep the Balance!

Happy Blue Fish’s Feng Shui Game: Keep the Balance! is a charmingly animated app that tests your memory and balance skills in a Zen themed, interactive game. The Feng Shui Game offers four modes of gameplay including a two-player Duo version.


Buy Alien Glyphs on the App Store

Alien Glyphs: Grab this Rising Star in Memory-based Puzzles

Most memory-matching games don't require a whole lot of strategy, but Alien Glyphs has the little extras that make a game truly polished and fun.

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Buy meromy+ match game pack on the App Store

Memory + Adds a Few Twists to a Tired Genre

Memory +, from Pearl Fisher Games, is similar to Concentration, where the trick is to flip card or boxes and recall the image on the opposite side and then pair it with an identical image hidden elsewhere on the playing board.

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The Cuddlies is a Bit Hard to Cuddle up to

The Cuddlies - Contrary to what many people think, I really do like cute and cuddly things. I have a slight aversion to excessively cute and cuddly things and I do think it’s a challenge for game developers on any platform to incorporate “cute” into a game without limiting its fan base.


Munster Matcher is a Matching Game That Requires Monster Memory

If you're afraid of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night, you had better leave a light on,, not really. Munster Matcher, despite being chock-full of, well, monsters, isn't scary at all.

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Buy Remelody on the App Store

Remelody: A Well Linked, Well Designed Musical Memory Game

Remelody is a music-based memory game created by Timothy Roseborough and released by MyNuMo. Played on a grid of colorful squares, Remelody is simple and easy to master. Basically, a square is highlighted for you to tap.

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Buy I See Ewe - A Preschooler Word Game on the App Store

I See Ewe Wraps Classic Matching Game in Fun Animal Theme for Preschoolers

I See Ewe, a kid's app by Claireware, continues in the matching game tradition and expands its appealwith a second game: Learn Words.

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