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GeoEmpires is a Location-Based Game for Conquering Real Territories

GeoEmpires is a Location-Based Game for Conquering Real Territories

Take over your local kingdom in GeoEmpires for iPhone. GeoEmpiresis a part of a new wave of games for iOS devices that incorporate the user’s location into the gaming experience. These location-based games are becoming the new fad for iOS gaming and provide a unique and entertaining experience for users looking for more than just a game.


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Lords and Knights - Medieval Strategy MMO Celebrates Its First Birthday

Xyrality's medieval MMOG Lords & Knights was released exactly one year ago today. After its successful launch in the App Store in June 2011, the browser adaptation was released in February, followed by its release as an Android app in May.


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Toss The Knight 1.0 for iOS - The Hero with a Catapult

DevitGroup today is pleased to introduce, Toss The Knight 1.0, their Middle Ages action adventure arcade-styled game featuring a flying hero knight who battles to free his kingdom from hordes of cyclops, infantry robbers, aliens, and more.


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The Inferno Challenges Mind and Soul

The Inferno is an excellent puzzle game that may force you to touch up on your medieval history.  While the plot is closer to that of an action/adventure game, it plays more like a typical puzzle game with darker undertones.

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