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Cooking Mama Comes to iPhone

First available for and made popular by the Nintendo DS, Cooking Mama is now available for the iPhone/iPod touch. For those who are unfamiliar with Cooking Mama published by TAITO Corporation, it is an animated cooking simulation game played out through a series of mini games where recipes are followed to create various dishes like Pork Curry and Rice and Green Soybean Soup.

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Christmas Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Christmas Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Christmas is here! And what better way to celebrate the season, than with a few holiday-themed games for your iPhone or iPod touch. Between presents and relaxing, family fun and egg nog, you're likely to find a bit of downtime.


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MyChristmas Will Fill You With Holiday Cheer — and a Buffet of Mini Games

MyChristmas is an all in one holiday app by Talee Talee and it has everything that you need to make your holiday bright. This app is jam packed with whatever you are going to need to take you through Christmas right into the New Year.

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Dr. Awesome is an Awesome Comic Game

Yes, it’s true, Dr. Awesome by ngmoco is in fact awesome. Playing as Dr. Awesome, Microsurgeon M.D, you get to awesomely save your friends from killer viruses and deadly bacterium with just a few flips of the wrist.

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