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DocuSign Ink Stamps Secure Signature on Any Document Mobily

DocuSign Ink Stamps Secure Signature on Any Document Mobily

Productivity apps are a dime a dozen, but there are a few good ones out there such as the get things done app Next! and multi-page scanner Scanner Pro. And now, there's one more, which is aptly named DocuSign Ink and is now my new favorite mobile document signer. 

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Mobile Active Defense is a Watchdog for Your Inbox

Mobile Active Defense wants to bolster your email security—if you're willing to watch endless tutorial videos. The purpose behind MAD is to help catch and filter malware, phishing scams and other unsavory attacks on your inbox, only letting "pure mail" (their term) through.


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VeriSign's VIP Access App Doubles Your Security

VIP Access - If you worry about an unauthorized person accessing your PayPal, eBay or similarly sensitive account where your security is paramount, download VeriSign’s free VIP Access app.

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StockAdvisor Brings Serious Stock Analysis

StockAdvisor by Tradeoffnews is an app for those who want control over their stock trading. At $19.99, it is not for the faint of heart. But it has some pretty powerful tools that make it worth considering if you plan some serious stock trading.


proSEO Reveals the Inner Workings of Web Pages

If you make it your business to understand how well Web pages are optimized for search engines, proSEO is a good way to go for iPhone users. This handy app from Infinidigm enables to look at a Web page's keywords, tags, HTML and other important attributes that factor into a site's search engine ranking.


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Mail2Group: One App to Mail Them All

If you often need to send emails to more than a few people in your contacts list at the same time, then Javid Alimohideen's Mail2Group fills a gaping hole between iPhone Mail and Contacts. Mail2Group is an adjunct to the iPhone's native email app.

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iSpreadsheet: An iPhone Excel app for number crunchers

Editing documents has been one of the major holes in the iPhone experience. While the e-mail and other apps give a solid performance in letting one view and send files, the ability to manipulate them has been lacking.


beamME Sends Contact Info to Anyone, not Just iPhone Users

The beamMe app is a fast, easy way to share your contact information with a friend or colleague. It is an offering from rmbrME, which promotes the app as a way to boost your sales and connections through the quick ability to share your contact.


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Fliq is a Great Concept, but Not Seamless Just Yet

Sharing photos and contacts is smooth with Fliq The strength of Fliq lies in its relative ease-of-use for transferring contacts and photos. Plus it is free, unlike the paid version of Handshake.

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Handshake Shares Contact Info — With Other Handshake Users

In business the handshake often comes with a business card. The makers of the Handshake app hope to put the entire process on your iPhone. The app — there is a free and paid version — gives you the ability to send contact information (yours or someone from your contact list) or photos.


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No on Nameo! for Exchanging Virtual Business Cards

iPhone has created a tremendous platform for developers to create apps that are fun, useful or just plain entertaining. Occasionally, there is an application that underwhelms even the most loyal iPhone enthusiasts.


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The First SpreadSheet now Available on iPhone

Several apps on the iPhone (for example datacase) allow you to view spreadsheets, but none -- up until now -- actually let you create your own spreadsheet on the iPhone. London based SoftTalk, an enterprise software company that started in 1994, has the honor of being the first company to fill that void.


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Air Sharing: Take Your Docs & View Them on The Go!

iPhone users are becoming less dependent on their laptops and are relying more on their iPhones to meet their basic communication and productivity needs.  Sadly missing from the iPhone however, is the ability to sync or access remote documents. 

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