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TigerBeat3D is a Sidekick to This Month's Issue

TigerBeat3D is a sidekick app that goes along with this month’s issue of Tiger Beat Magazine, which, for all you post-adolescent readers, is like a cross between People Magazine and Star Magazine for kids.


American Idol Season 8 Exclusive Videos: THIS...is American Idol for iPhone

As someone who's watched American Idol more-or-less obsessively since its first season, I must admit I feel extremely well-qualified to discuss the American Idol Season 8 Exclusive Video app offered by The Zumobi Network.


St. Patrick's Phrasebook Festive Looking but Not that Helpful

Not so much a book as maybe a pamphlet, St. Patrick’s Phrasebook by Subsonic iPhone Apps provides iPhone/iTouch users with audio pronunciations of “essential Irish Gaelic phrases” that may come in handy this St.


VooDude Does Korny

VooDude - I'm a petty person. If one could say I get a thrill from winning, it'd be with ease that one could go a step further and say that revenge actually brings me a perverse pleasure. As such, I reveled in the opportunity to exact revenge via Aspyr Media's VooDude application.


Buy iBlow! on the App Store

iBlow! Entertainment App Visually "Pops"

With or without a snicker or two, once you get past the iBlow! name you will discover it’s a virtual bubble blowing app designed to show off all the useful features of the iPhone in yet another pointless but purportedly entertaining way.

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Fool Your Friends With iMagic Trick

The main idea behind the app iMagic Trick is your friends pick a number from 0 to 60 and answer a couple of questions. After your friend is done with the questions iMagic Trick is supposed to "magically" discern the number that was being thought of by the user.

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Buy FingerMingle on the App Store

FingerMingle Shows Promise, but Not Cool Enough to Break the Ice Yet

I remember when dating used to be simple. Considering that I’m a guy, it was my job to deliver a good time while being a perfect gentleman. That part was easy enough as several articles and books have been written for guys that are clueless in matters of love and relationships.

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Buy Distant Shore on the App Store

Get Lost in Anonymous Conversations on a Distant Shore

Getting lost in anonymous conversations or just expressing random thoughts is the premise behind the entertainment app Distant Shore. Brought to us courtesy of The Blimp Pilots, the developers behind Koi Pond, Distant Shore puts a new spin on social networking.

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Buy VLC Remote on the App Store

VLC Remote Puts Your Media in the Palm of Your Hand

If you're interested in remote controlling the audio and video stored on your desktop or home server, you'll want to check out Hobbyist software's VLC Remote as an alternative to Apple's Remote app, especially if you have a Linux machine.

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Buy 100sounds +FREE RINGTONES! 100's of Sound FX & RING TONES on the App Store

You Could Do 100s of Things With 100 Sounds

100Sounds - What would you do with a soundboard in your pocket? Wake up your sleeping roommate? Confuse your dog? Shake up a meeting at the office? There really is an endless list of obnoxious, pointlessly fun possibilities.

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Ustream.tv's Video App for iPhone is Less Streaming More Screaming

I'd been hearing a lot about Ustream.tv's Ustream Viewing Application and decided to try it out on one of the must-see events in U.S. history, President's Barrack Obama's inauguration. After 30 minutes or so, I went back to watching the festivities on my desktop via my Slingbox.


When It's All Geek to You, Look It Up in the Jargon File

There I was staring at some angry fruit salad, when my boss who thinks he's an alpha geek, tells me he's gonna blammo me if I don't get busy. I just pulled an all-nighter groking a bletcherous communications protocol and the bag biter is treating me like a tape monkey.

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Buy Remote on the App Store

Apple Remote 1.1 - Now, with Genius

The Apple Remote app has always been one of our favorite all around apps. As of last week, it has been upgraded to version 1.1, and now fully supports the new "Genius Mode" of iTunes 8. We can now give it the perfect 10/10 rating.

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The Tag Show Offers Fun Way to Search for Images

This debut app from Dove Valley Apps works as a fun search tool for pictures from public image feeds like Flickr and Picasa (Google Images is supposed to be added soon).  The navigation of this free app is basic and easy - you enter a tag and a slide show of the images found appears on the screen.  


Buy Hold On! on the App Store

Hold On! - The Game You Love to Hate

This game has ZERO learning curve. Just put your finger down and don’t let go. The app keeps track of how long you can keep your finger pressed.


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