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iMprint - approaching new levels of lame

The opening screen of iMprint pretty much speaks for itself: “The idea of this application is to stare at the optical illusions and pictures for a couple of seconds.  After this, you may or may not see the illusion. 

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Trailers Lite - think "Portable Front Row"

Trailers Lite is like a miniature version of the popular Mac application Front Row. Since your iPhone doesn’t come equipped with the same multimedia features of your Mac, sometimes you just have to get creative.

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Buy Koi Pond on the App Store

Koi Pond: Find Zen Bliss With Relaxing Pool of Virtual Fish

The intrepid Blimp Pilots development shop just released Koi Pond 2.0 with a variety of new features. The 1.0 version was great; the 2.0 version adds a variety of improvements to the Zen experience that is Koi Pond - movable lily pads, 3D sound, the ability to feed your fish (try shaking the phone), and finger nibbling (hold your finger still in the water and see what happens).

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LOLCats: Cute, but not always LOL

Cats, yes. LOL, well maybe not so much. The LOLCats app from MC Development brings up photos from flickr with the tag LOLCats. Unfortunately, as with anything that relies on folksonomy, your mileage may vary.


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