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Buy Pro HDR on the App Store

With Pro HDR Camera App, iPhone Photos Rival the Real Deal

For the uninitiated, HDR photography is all the rage, supplanting tilt-shift photography as the trendiest way to manipulate your photos and earn your Flickr feed a little extra attention. Previously the domain of only high-end digital SLR cameras and pricey photo manipulation software, it has now come to the Apple iPhone, in the form of a handful of competing apps.

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Buy Picture Perfect Animals on the App Store

Give in to Your Animal Instinct with Picture Perfect Animals

Just for fun, put a little fur (or fin) in your photos with Picture Perfect Animals, a photo app that lets you frame your subject alongside a variety of selected animals. This iPhone app by MilkDrinkingCow, is a different, but whimsical kind of photography app that allows you to create photos with animals.


Buy The History of Cameras on the App Store

The History of Cameras: A Snaphot Back To The Future

The History of Cameras — As a photographer I am frequently searching for a number of things to create a memorable photograph. The right lighting, perfect subject, and pleasing background are but a few of the considerations that affect ones ability to compose and convey an interesting story at a moment in time.

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Buy 3D Gallery on the App Store

3D Gallery Puts Your Photos On The Wall

3D Gallery - Have you ever wandered through a gallery or museum admiring the beautiful paintings and pictures and thought to yourself, my pictures would look nice hanging here? If you own 3D Gallery iPhone app by Caweb.de you can hang your photos on your own gallery's walls.


Lifecards Has Issues but is Throwing Users a Lifeline

In line with other apps that let you create cards with photos, Lifecards by Vivid Apps puts postcard-making software on your iPhone that allows you to insert up to four images, add text, and then save and email as a photo attachment.


Send Multiple Pics in One Message with Multi-Photo Email

Multi-Photo Email: In the race to have the shiniest, most feature-heavy phone, iPhone users are pretty much at the front of the pack. I myself went through about three phones a year, always looking for something, well, cooler, until I got my iPhone.

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Greeting iCard Has eCards With 'Best Wish for You!'

Greeting iCard, from Wondershare, is a clever concept for an app that is likely to appeal to teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, like some teenagers, this app needs an major makeover.


Buy f/8 DoF Calculator on the App Store

f/8 Lets You Be on the Spot and Ready to Shoot Great Photos

If you're passionate about photography and have the gear to match, then you'll find Bitwerkz's f/8 to your liking. If you don't, you won't. f/8 is a simple app with a sophisticated purpose: It helps you calculate depth of field (DOF).

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Buy PhotoFrame on the App Store

PhotoFrame Turns iPhone into Digital Picture Frame

PhotoFrame offers a simple way to showcase personal photos using your iPhone as a digital photo frame. PhotoFrame, released last week, adds a functionality so simple that it's amazing it hasn't been done before.

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Buy Photoboard on the App Store

Non-Jailbroken PhotoBoard Released Today. Get it.

PhotoBoard, an app previously only available for Jail Broken phones, was released today on the App Store for $0.99. Its one of those apps, like Shazam or Pandora that just seem made for iPhone.

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EveryTrail - Share Your Travel Experiences via iPhone

The idea behind EveryTrail is simple - use your iPhone, with its built-in GPS and camera, to map ("geotag") photos as you travel locally or around the world. EveryTrail then takes this "geotagged user generated travel content" and creates a unique mashup you can share online with your friend or the EveryTrail community.

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