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iPhone and iPad apps tagged "misc reference."

Buy Star Walk™ HD - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide on the App Store

StarWalk for iPad is Astronomical

StarWalk for iPad immerses you in the Solar System. It turns an iPad into a virtual window that reveals constellations and other celestial bodies in real-time. Pinch-to-zoom elegantly focuses in on stars, planets, shooting stars or deep space.

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mPassport Paris Helps You Find Medical Assistance in the City of Lights

mPassport Paris – One of my biggest fears, beyond losing my wallet or passport, when traveling abroad is that I might be injured in an accident, come down with a serious bug or get some other illness.

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Buy GlobeMaster: Offline Travel Guide & Utilities on the App Store

Globemaster: Offline Travel Guide is Clever, Polished and Endlessly Interesting

Whether you're planning an exotic itinerary or just imagining a trip to foreign lands, Globemaster: Offline Travel Guide is a good place to start.

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Anitello: Animated How-to Videos for Life's Little Problems

Anitello is an app designed to provide "clarifying animations" to "entertain and assist." The animations cover basic tasks such as jumpstarting a battery or cooking a steak — simple stuff that people frequently have questions about.


Buy Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy on the App Store

Pocket Universe is Astronomy Made Easy

Summer is a great time for stargazing and of course your iPhone can aid in that endeavor. Pocket Universe - Your Astronomy Guide by Craic Design is an astronomy guide for iPhone and iPod Touch that has a few good features that utilize the unique capabilities of these devices.


Buy Dog Tricks &  Bark Machine on the App Store

Teach any Dog with Dog Tricks and Bark Machine

If Fido eats your shoes instead of fetches them, Dog Tricks & Bark Machine could be useful for teaching him a few new tricks. It's an app from Robert Mann and Deidra Jones, which features training tutorials in one part and a sound machine in the second part.

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Seek and Ye Shall TheFind: Where to Shop

With the holiday season approaching fast, finding the right deal and the right place to shop is no doubt top of mind for many folks. The falling economy only adds to the need to shop smarter. That’s what this new (and free) iPhone app--TheFind: Where to Shop--aims to do.

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bContacts: Not Enough Extras to Merit a High Price Tag

bContacts is an application that is supposed to help users organize business contacts and personal contacts by sorting them into groups and subgroups. Unfortunately, what sounds like a good idea in theory, falls flat.


Manual for the United States of America

The period for a new election of a citizen to administer the executive government of the United States being not far distant, and the time actually arrived when your thoughts must be employed in designating the person who is to be clothed with that important trust..." — George Washington on leaving office Patriotism and election fever is sweeping the country today.

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Buy Congress+ on the App Store

Congress+ is a Great Reference App for Capitol Hill

Congress+ by market research company Cohen Research Group is a great reference app for the politically minded user or for anyone working in US politics like party officials, activists, political professionals or lobbyists. Unlike other apps like Elections or Campaign, Congress+ is a more professional application, which provides information on all members of congress, from their photo, name, title, state and party affiliation to their official bio, their office address, their capitol staff, their committee assignments as well as their website and contact information. Furthermore the user gets to browse campaign news (Google) and use links to campaign websites.

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SushiTime brings Colorful Sushi Dictionary to the iPhone

Ever find yourself at a Sushi joint wondering what exactly a specific item on the menu is? It's for this very reason that everybody from seasoned foodies to the newly culinary adventurous will appreciate SushiTime (for the iPod Touch and iPhone). SushiTime acts as a concise reference for sushi related terminology spanning sushi, beverages, appetizers and a hodgepodge of other terms.


Constitution - live free

Here are some situations when the Constitution application for your iPhone will come in handy: 1.    Skateboarding, need to prove it is not a crime... 2.    Poly-sci babes getting crazy on the dance floor, need an opener...

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Who is Hot?

"Who is Hot?” takes awkward silences to a new level. The app basically takes your contact list and tells you where the source of the phone number originated and then grabs the current weather situation and puts that next to the contact name, phone number and city.

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