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Mix and Match Faces with MugMash!

Ever wonder what your kids would look like with dad’s beard or grandpa’s bald head? How about wondering what you’d look like with short hair or someone else’s eyes? A true fun-with-photos experience, MugMash!

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Six Book Cases for iPad That Deserve Space on Your Shelf

Six Book Cases for iPad That Deserve Space on Your Shelf

Switching from hard cover books to ebooks means more than just having to re-buy your entire collection of Nancy Drew mystery novels. For many bibliophiles it feels like the end of an era.


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Family Guy is 'Freakin' Sweet'

Family Guy will delight fans of the snarky television series with a steady flow of clips from the show and a few games. It will serve as a nice highlight reel for those who want a quick fix of  Stewie's antics.

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Moo Shake shakes a tail feather — and a cow belly and a cat head

Moo Shake - A martial arts zebra, a bandanna-wearing feline ballerina and a hula hooping cow? It's a curious combination, but sure, why not. These are just a few of the colorfully and imaginatively illustrated cast of characters that come together in Moo Shake, a children's mix and match game designed by MoGeneration for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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Henry & Hailey's Preschool Pals Is Cute, Entertaining, and Educational

Henry and Hailey's Preschool Pals is a great mix and match game for toddlers and young children that offers entertainment and teaches problem solving skills at the same time. Developed by 3PM Studios, a company of three brothers that based the game's characters on their own kids and their playmates, Henry & Hailey's Preschool Pals is enjoyable and easy enough to pick up for three to four year old kids.

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Crazy Pumpkin Offers Mix and Match Halloween

The folks at ezone, makers of iPhone apps such as Crazy Lighter and Crazy Disco, are constantly adding to their line-up of "crazy" apps. The newest is Crazy Pumpkpin — a mix and match jack-o-lantern game just in time for Halloween.

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