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Buy Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets on the App Store

Find Movies Near You with Fandango

Fandango - Movies are not cheap. In the spirit of the recession, I recently got rid of my satellite television. Now for entertainment, I am considering going to the movies again, and Fandango makes it easy to spend my precious play money wisely.

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Hot Popcorn Has Buttery Goodness for Film Fans

I'm a fan of Rotten Tomatoes, the popular movie review site, which is where Boctor's Hot Popcorn derives its movie reviews. That's one of the first places I check before heading out to see a movie.


Update of Popular i.TV Pocket TV and Movie Guide App 'Imminent'

i.TV, one of the most popular free apps in the App Store, will be getting some cool new features, not only with in the next week or so, but at least once a month from now well into 2009, according to i.TV CEO Brad Pelo.

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Buy i. TV on the App Store

i.TV - The Future of the TV Guide

i.TV is a new TV and movie guide that just hit the app store yesterday.  This app offers a vast amount of TV listings and movie theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing show descriptions, previews and trailers, celebrity bios, as well as the option to write a review and share information and opinions about shows or movies.

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Now Playing Falls Short -- get "Movies" instead

"Now Playing", formerly known as "Box Office" is a bad version of "Movies", the app we reviewed earlier today by Jeff Grossman. Unlike Movies, the interface is un-inspiring and cluttered. The app does not even make use of the iPhone GPS; you are required to enter you zip code, old school.

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Movies is a Category-Killer, Must-Have App

The new Movies app was written by Jeffrey Grossman, a college sophomore, and was sold to the online movie website Flixster for an undisclosed sum last week. It is one slick app. What separates Movies from some of the other apps in this category is the attention to detail.

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