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Yacha - The viral messenger creates havoc in LA and Dubai

There is a new slick and powerful messaging platform called Yacha that has attracted strong growth in LA and Dubai in its first few days since launch. The free, feature rich application creates truly multimedia messages from audio, text, drawings, photos and video, in any combination, which can be sent as a single message.

category: Puts Free Text and MMS In Your Hands

Want to send text and multimedia messages but don’t want the often costly monthly bill? Check out Treebune’s Lite, a free messenger app that enables you to send free text and MMS messages whether you’re in North America or abroad.


It's a Multimedia Mess, not Multimedia Messaging

Despite its claims, Multimedia Messages, from Hook Mobile, is not a multimedia messaging service for the iPhone. Here's what Hook says Multimedia Messages does: Sends picture messages from your iPhone to the telephone numbers of your friends and delivers messages as MMS, "which means no links to click" (their words).