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Check Your Sources for Your Next Read

If you're an avid reader and you buy most of your books from, you'll like Next Read from Square Wheel Software. What Next Read aims to do is make it easy for you to keep track of books you might like to read, whether recommended to you by a friend or discovered while browsing a book store.


NewsRack Delivers Info to the Palm of Your Hand

For those who like their news in the palm of their hand Newsstand will deliver the goods. Newsstand is an RSS reader app that offers up the news from a chosen list of sites or feeds. It displays the information in both portrait and landscape view. It couldn’t be easier to set up. Just choose the sites that you visit frequently and save them to the app. Edit the names of the feeds you’d like to place in the app and create folders to keep everything organized.


NYT App Takes All the News that's Fit to Print Offline

You would be hard pressed to find a more esteemed newspaper anywhere in the world than The New York Times. Since 1918, the NYT has won 98 Pulitzer Prizes, far more than any other U.S. newspaper. When the venerable newspaper released its free, ad-supported NYTimes app, it quickly found a receptive audience.


Wal-Mart Will Start Selling iPhones Later This Month. Or Not.

There's been a lot of noise for close to 2 months now that Wal-Mart Stores would start selling a 4GB iPhone for $99 soon after Christmas. Although Reuters reported in November that the deal was done, other news media were less confident and treated the news more as rumor than fact.


Buy Sudoku (Free) on the App Store

Sudoku (Free) Adds up to Good Times

Sudoku has been a favored pastime for newpaper-gamers for a long time.  Usually right next to the crossword, it offers a game of numbers that is easier to conquer. For those of you who don't know what sudoku is, it involves 9 large boxes which has another 9 boxes inside each large box.

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Android "Dream" Phone Expected Tuesday: Expectations are Low

Lots of news on the Android Front. Apparently next Tuesday, September 23 will be the unveiling date for the first Android phone, the "Dream" from TMobile, manufactured by HTC. The phone will actually go on sale in early October.


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