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Take and Sync Notes with Notability for iPad

Notability is an excellent note-taking tool for the iPad.
Notability nails the balance between apps that favor creating typed notes or hand-written ones. While it is primarily designed for using the iPad's on-screen keyboard, there is a very-easy-to-use way with Notability to merge drawings, illustrations, or other graphics.

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Notes Plus: Close Up Look Reveals Full-Featured Productivity on the iPad

Notes Plus is a full-featured note-taking application, complete with improvements on almost everything you can do with a pad of paper and a pen. I do have complaints, but they are utopian. Measured against the competition, Notes Plus seems ideal.

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neu.Notes for iPad Organizes Your Thoughts With Searchable Tags

Now and then you happen across an app that gives you something mindbogglingly simple yet so functional that you soon wonder how you ever got along without it. Other times, you happen across an app that leaves out so many no-brainers that you find yourself shouting at your iPad screen like an overly-immersed audience member at a horror movie: "No!

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Top 11 Productivity Apps for the iPad

Top 11 Productivity Apps for the iPad

At it's release many heralded the iPhone as the productivity gadget that would change the world for working professionals everywhere. And yet, it only hinted at what the iPad now offers. It's hard to over estimate the difference that a larger screen and faster processor can have on one's out-of-office productivity ability.

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Idea Organizer Grabs Text, Voice and Visuals for Easy Notes

Idea Organizer is a handy little app for catching your brilliant ideas in the most convenient way.
In my experience "notes apps" or thought-catcher apps like Idea Organizer fall into two categories: too many features or too few.

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Create and Sync Notes with Evernote

The notebook-on-steroids service Evernote has been steadily growing stronger since its App Store debut. Version 3.0 is the best yet with some extra features that improve its usefulness and stability.

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mAdvNote is a Simple but Flexible Note Making App

mAdvNote - It never ceases to amaze me how many different ways developers come up with for taking notes on iPhone or touch. It is a well-established fact that I am not a note-taker or list-maker, but once in a while I run across an app that makes me think I could be.


All Those in Favor of a Versatile Note-Taking App Say AyeNotes Pro

AyeNotes is an iPhone productivity app that was designed to address what the developers, Aye Team, must have seen as common issues with note-taking apps, such as speed, ease of use, and portability.


For Price and Value, NotePrinter is Worth a Look

NotePrinter - Productivity apps are a large part of what makes the iPhone such a useful mobile device. When it comes to writing notes, the best scenario is to be able to create, store and access them from anywhere.

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Note and Sketch is a Stretch for Both Functions

Note and Sketch, from developer Hung Duong, is a combo note-taking and doodling app. To say that you can use it to sketch anything worthwhile is a bit of a stretch, for reasons I'll explain later.


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ActiveNotes Has Some Unique Features but It's Nothing Special

There are almost as many note-taking apps in the App Store as there are fart apps. So, when a new note taker comes along, it has to be really special to stand out, and I don't mean in a stinky way.

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iDicto Voice Recorder Has Great Features but Needs Refinement

At last count, the App Store featured something like 60 apps with voice recording capabilities. DAVA Consulting's iDicto happens to be among one of the better ones I've tried for simple voice-note-taking.

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