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Pinboard Keeps Track of Notes Using a Familiar Interface

Every application won’t wow you. Some of them have one function and arguably do that one thing well. Pinboard is that application. Pinboard is a productivity app that lets you make notes on a virtual pinboard and drag them around the screen and arrange anyway you choose. Using it is not mentally taxing and learning to maneuver around in the app isn’t terribly difficult either.

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iSticky Sticks With the Facts

If you’re super busy and with school, work or just life in general, one of your missions each day may be to try to remember everything you’re supposed to do that day. How we do this differs from person to person. Developers have come to the rescue faster than late night infomercials hawking memory pills. iSticky will help you remember it all and keep you well organized.


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ActiveNotes Has Some Unique Features but It's Nothing Special

There are almost as many note-taking apps in the App Store as there are fart apps. So, when a new note taker comes along, it has to be really special to stand out, and I don't mean in a stinky way.

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Buy Notespark - sync and share your notes on the App Store

Notespark Makes it Easy to Synch and Go

Notespark - Have you been working on your New Year's resolutions yet? You know the ones you recycled from last year and the year before? This year it's going to be different right? You're going to do what you say you're going to do and when you're doing to do it, right?

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Dexy's Note Taker is Both Free-Form and Functional

Dexy, from Zonk, is a nicely executed, free-form notes taker and notes organizer that is far more capable and useful than the iPhone native app. It's similar conceptually to a stack of 3 X 5 index cards.


Shop with Grocery Gadget on your iPhone

Grocery Gadget is a $2.99 list app that allows you to create custom shopping lists on your iPhone and then check off the items as you load your cart. The app works as you would expect -- create a list by first selecting from a wide array of products (including, for example, rabbit food), and then check off the items one by one as you shop.


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