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Doodle Kart Draws Out the Race Car Driver In You

Doodle Kart –  Doodle games, with graphics that appear to have been hand drawn, are hot. Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump, for example, is currently sitting in third place in the best-selling apps column.

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The Ants Are Invading Your Device in Ant Assault

Ant Assault is a game for iPhone and Touch that pits players against an army of ants invading your device and trying to steal its inner components. The ants come in waves and attempt to steal any one of five components and players stop them by tapping, flicking and shaking.


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Battle of Puppets Puts Castle Defense in the Limelight

Battle of Puppets, from Small Wonders, is a quirky little 2-D castle defense strategy game that puts you in the role of a puppeteer starring in well-known operas such as  Aida, Carmen, Madama Butterfly and Salome.


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All in One Gamebox: 26 Games (and Growing) for $.099

Once upon a time, the bible says, everyone had "threescore years and ten." Nowadays, the average life expectancy is more like 80 than 70, so obviously we'll need something to fill up those extra 10 years.

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Bella Boo is one Tough Zombie Fairy

Bella Boo won't be winning any beauty contests. But she will keep you entertained with a pretty fun and addicting game. As Bella Boo the zombie fairy, you must battle a series of floating creatures, demons, and other evil forces who have invaded your cozy homeland of Dark Wood.

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Alien Glyphs: Grab this Rising Star in Memory-based Puzzles

Most memory-matching games don't require a whole lot of strategy, but Alien Glyphs has the little extras that make a game truly polished and fun.

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Team Alpha: All the Mutant-Shooting Action You Can Handle

Team Alpha is a shoot-em-up, action game where, according to Sad Cat Software, your task "is to eradicate all mutants in a government lab where a secret biological experiment has gone awry." The app offers nearly 200 rooms of mutant-shooting mania with big guns.

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Wordweaver Takes Word Games to the Next Level

Wordweaver adds new features, twists and roadblocks to the typical "find and select" word puzzlers. It could be one of the most innovative word games I've played in a while, and it's easily the most challenging.

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Orbital: Best-Looking App, but Still Requires Strategy and Skill

Orbital, the new space-themed app from BitForge, is a stand-out game that can be played with one hand. It falls loosely into the brick-breaker category, but takes this straightforward concept adds a few new ideas, a bit of social media and packages it all up with gorgeous graphics.

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Swirl May Cause Motion Sickness or Seizures? Cool!

Swirl - While those occasional anti-seizure warnings at the beginning of some games are meant to heed a cautionary warning, I sometimes get a bit excited about what great game I might be about to experience.

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OpenFeint Promotes One-Touch App Shopping

OpenFeint Promotes One-Touch App Shopping

Aurora Feint is following up the March launch of its OpenFeint V1.0 development platform with OpenFeint V1.5, which will give game devs a new way to promote and sell their apps. OpenFeint V1.5, released this week, is an open platform that other developers can use to add social networking and community features such as player profiles, buddy lists, walls, news feeds and chat rooms to their mobile game.


Virtual Stock Market Lets You Really Play the Stock Market

Virtual Stock Market, from Rahul Saraf and Rajat Gupta differ in a number of ways than similar stock market apps I’ve looked at in recent times. The first is that it's $0.99, which is inexpensive as far as this genre of app goes.


Buy Dapple - Color Mixing, Puzzle Game Fun! on the App Store

Dapple Mixes Up the Match-Three Genre

If you've played Aurora Feint, Bejeweled or other games where you line up three or four similar objects to eliminate them, then you already have a good idea of what Streaming Colour Studios' Dapple is about.

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Aurora Feint Set to Debut an Open Platform for Indie Developers

Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron's Aurora Feint RPG puzzlers have been big sellers in the App Store. Now, Aurora Feint Inc. wants to share the love with an open platform that other developers can use to add social networking and community features to their mobile games.


Aurora Feint, From the Beginning to a Franchise

When Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron introduced Aurora Feint: The Beginning in July, they weren't kidding. Since then, they've followed up with three more titles, Aurora Feint II: Arena in November, and Aurora Feint II: The Beginning and Aurora Feint II: Tower Puzzles this week.


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