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ArcSoft's Panorama Maker Offers Photographers a Whole Wide World

ArcSoft's Panorama Maker Offers Photographers a Whole Wide World

Arc Soft is well known for its photo and other digital media manipulation apps for PCs and Macs, so I had high hopes for Panorama Maker, the company's latest release for the iPhone. Although I wasn't disappointed, I wasn't doing cart wheels either.


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PangeaVR Brings Panoramas of Your Surroundings into View

Pangea Software has developed a number of popular game apps including Engimo and Billy Frontier. The company's focus on games makes its two panorama-viewing apps — PangeaVR and PangeaVR Pro — a little odd, not that that's a bad thing.

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PanoLab is a Must Have Photo Collage Utility

Unlike the paid Pano and Panorama apps, PanoLab is free, and allows for both vertical and horizontal panorama creations. Unlike Pano, PanoLab does not feature any blending or ghosting as a means of lining up pictures -- instead you take the pictures one at a time and then move them around to create a collage.

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Create Panoramic iPhone Collages with Pano

Pano from Debacle Software is an app for creating Panoramic pictures from your iPhone camera that is worth the price. Pano works by letting you take up to 5 consecutive shots (from left to right), and superimposing the ghosted previous shot so that you can line up the next one.

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