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PhotoShoot: Maim Your Photos in Marvelous Ways

PhotoShoot is a customizable dart board that lets you choose a photo (aka: target) and dart-style to release frustration or a enjoy quick chuckle.


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Hulala iPix is a Girly Way to Dress up Your Pics

Hulala iPix — pronounced like a tropical version of oo-la-la — is another image decorating app that invites users to "bling up" their photos and share them with friends via Facebook or email.

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iFlashReady Helps Correct Pictures in Low Lighting

As far as photography apps go, iFlashReady is pretty basic. It is designed to help enhance pictures taken without the aid of a flash, such as those taken with the iPhone camera. At first, I thought iFlashReady worked in conjunction with the iPhone camera simultaneously, but after checking it out learned it is mostly a photo editing app that changes an existing image by lightening it up.


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Nabbed Makes Fun Photo Captions

Using hundreds of letters cut from magazines, Nabbed from More Blu Sky is a creative way to add captions to your photos. I am not sure how Nabbed chose its app name, but perhaps it is because the letters look like a ransom note when they are used to make words to add to your photos. 

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Baby Maker! Creates Comical Kids

I do not have any children, but I have wondered on occasion what my kids would look like if I had some.  Baby Maker! is designed to give me a comical glimpse into a child-filled future. Don’t take Baby Maker!


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'stachetastic: A Digital Update on a Classic Pastime

'stachetastic - I'm sure there are some people who are reading this who never grew past the stage when they thought it was hilarious to draw fake mustaches on people. (I certainly didn't.) And yet, these days, everything is digital.

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Sharpen Your Image With PhotoHype

PhotoHype - For those that enjoy taking pictures with their iPhone, producing the perfect picture can sometimes become quite the process. Having to email the picture to yourself in order to open it on your computers image-editing program.

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Dummy Up Your Photos With Say What!?!

With a developer named Marmot Kilt, it has to be good. Say What!?! is a unique photo manipulation app that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to make a photo "talk," like a ventriloquist's dummy.


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Face Melter Pro Has Potential for Innovation

Face Melter Pro lets you melt photos and create an animated video one frame at a time. This app is fantastic in theory. In reality, it has some issues. The original Face Melter app was simple.

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HDR Camera Shoots for Hi-Def for Your Photos

HDR Camera — which is short for High Dynamic Range — is aimed in the direction of making your photos appear more lively and realistic by increasing the range between light and dark areas. Some photo buffs devote considerable amount of time tinkering with Photoshop and other image editing techniques to create HDR images and the results are often stunning.


Chimera Comes with a Split Personality

Chimera Comes with a Split Personality

I’m a little puzzled how Helix Interactive settled on Chimera for its portrait-taking app, not that it really matters. A Chimera is a beast that has two distinct parts, like an eagle and a lion (Griffin) or a man and a goat (Satyr).


STICKi PICi Purikura: Give Your Photos a Little Extra Sparkle

AppCraver readers, we're friends, right? I feel comfortable with you, like I can tell you things. I feel okay admitting that the teenage girl living inside of me is super happy about STICKi PICi Purikura.

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Light Painting: Good Times For A Select Crowd

The Light Painting iPhone app by Y Lau is not for everyone. But if you enjoy light painting, it’s a handy app to have on hand. Light painting, also known as light drawing is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera.


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Photos of Fire App Will Not Make You Hot

Photos of Fire by Rogue Team is one of those apps about which there is not much to say. You take a photo. You make it look like the photo is burning. Repeat. Photos of Fire simulates flames on your iPhone's screen.


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Tiffen Photo fx Has an Infinite Number of Options for Your Image

Photo fx is a set of digital optical filters (filters are Tiffen's main line of business) for the iPhone and iPod touch. You use these filters to simulate the results you get with a variety of filters and lab processes when taking photographs with film.

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