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Ragdoll Blaster Flips and Flops for Fun

Ragdoll Blaster is a quirky and a bit bizarre little game from Backflip Studios, and I mean that in a good way. All you have to do is fire ragdolls from a cannon at strategic points to solve increasingly complex puzzles.

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Ouch! is Fun to Play, but Even More Fun to Set Up

Hondune Games' Ouch! is a combination of merriment and masochism featuring a customizable "rag doll" character to be abused in a multitude of scenes and scenarios with realistic physics and sounds.

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Physics-bases Bubble Game is Good iPhone App for Just Fillin' Time

Just Fillin' - Some of my favorite apps for killing time are games that are quick and easy to play. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good puzzler or a more complex game for down time, but sometimes I just want an entertaining way to pass a few minutes while sitting and waiting somewhere.

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Fantastic Contraption: Build a Better Mousetrap (or Just About Anything Else)

inXile Entertainment's Fantastic Contraption is the online game reborn on the iPhone. It's based on the same principles as Pangea Software's popular Engimo, RealArcade's Tiki Towers and Hudson's Crayon Physcics Deluxe and other physics-based games that involve building Rube Goldberg-like machines that transport objects from point A to G to C and Z.

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Interview with Simon Oliver of Rolando

Simon Oliver, founder of HandCircus, agreed to an interview with AppCraver recently. Simon is working on the much-anticipated Rolando game, which he has called a "physics-based platform/puzzler." Look for Rolando before the holidays, Simon says.


Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2: More Levels of Magnetism

Everyone's favorite round robot re-entered the App Store with a second installment to the hugely popular Toy Bot Diaries. The sequel, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2, finds toy bot still on a mission to deliver a message to King Bot.


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