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Multiplayer Tiki Spades is Trump Card App

Multiplayer Tiki Spades - I grew up learning to play every card game imaginable and even though I’m more of a card guppy than a card shark, I enjoy card games immensely. It’s not always easy to find other people to join in, so I really appreciate a good video card game.

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iYacht Yahtzee Dice Game

I already know how to play Yahtzee, so I didn't think I would need any time to figure out how to play Scott Voyek's iYacht, a Yahtzee dice game. I should have started by reading the FAQ, as Scott suggests when I first launch the iYacht.


Facebook Connect for iPhone Makes Apps More Social

Facebook announced the release of Facebook Connect for iPhone on Saturday (March 14) in tandem with several developers of popular iPhone and iPod touch apps including SGN, Playfish, Tapulous and Zynga.


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Big Deuce is a Unique, but Unfinished, Card Game

Big Deuce - For all of you Vegas aficionados that love playing offbeat and obscure card games, MotionObj has developed an iPhone application that speaks directly to you. Big Deuce is a game that replicates the card game of the same name originated in Eastern Asia.


3 Card Pro Poker Hits The Jackpot

The 3 Card Pro Poker iPhone app is based on the Three Card Poker games played in many casinos. Find me a poker game and I’m all in. I’m partial to Texas Hold ‘Em but I have played Three Card Poker at a couple of casinos in Las Vegas.


iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One Could be Useful, Clever or Neither

To be honest, I’m sitting on the fence where iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is concerned. Brought to you by Headlight Software Inc., the makers of wifi disk and other utility/productivity tools, iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is exactly as the name implies — 16 different apps in one with the + presumably indicating more to come. Basically, it’s a compilation of some of the more popular free utility and miscellaneous apps as well as a few others randomly thrown in for fun.


MotionX Poker Dice is the Game to Beat

I could play MotionX Poker, from MotionX, all day long, every day for the next year, and I'd still be shaking my head and iPhone in awe. MotionX Poker is poker (five-draw card) dice.They're dice with a playing card on each of their six sides: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 (there are no suits, so there are no flushes).


Interview with James Lee of Seahorse Software

Not too long ago, AppCraver spoke with Jame Lee from Seahorse Software, the developer of such apps as  Blackjack Run, Tric-Trac and Pyramid Solitaire. He answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.


Interview with Jim Warhurst of Blackbeard's Assault

AppCraver recently spoke with developer Jim Warhurst, creator of Blackbeard's Assault, about his process for developing apps. 1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone? Jim: This is my first app for the iPhone, I started development Aug 20th, 2008.


Tic-A-Tac Poker: Cards and Community Play Together

Tic-A-Tac Poker, from Treemo Labs, is a mashup of Tic-Tac-Toe, Poker and social networking. Surprisingly, they all go well together. You have three games to choose from: Tic-A-Tac Poker is similar in concept to the kiddie game.


Buy Poker Stacks on the App Store

Poker Stacks is a New Twist on a Classic Card Game

Poker Stacks brings together a stacked block format with a very popular card game known as poker. The object of Poker Stacks is to clear all of the blocks on the board to a level below that of the line given.


Interview with Tom Hubina of Amplified Games

AppCraver recently spoke with Tom Hubina of Amplified Games, the developers behind apps like Chili Pepper Blackjack, cookie solitaire and fat-free poker. He answered our questions about developing games for the iPhone and iPod touch.


Get Your Gambling Fix With Burning Monkey Casino

Burning Monkey Casino is a great way to get in some Vegas-style action on your iPhone. Video Poker, Blackjack, slot machines and more await you. As long as you don't mind some strange-looking monkeys joining you for a few rounds. The game's strength lies in the variety of chance-based games and the integration with the iPhone's touch screen. in the lottery ticket game, you "scratch" your ticket by rubbing the screen with your finger.

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App store Month 4: The Beast has Evolved

Its now been just a little over 4 months since the launch of the App Store, and it feels that the platform is starting to reach a new stage of evolution. Here are a few signs of the new world order: 1.


Interview with Pit Garbe of THTouch

AppCraver recently heard from Pit Garbe the developer of THTouch. He answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. 1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?


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