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Chuck The Ball: Soccer-themed Puzzle Game Hits A Wall

MakeShift Games presents Chuck the Ball. It’s a puzzle game where the main character is a soccer ball. His mission is to collect all of the stars in the level. Chuck must make it through all kinds of perilous mazes and traps. Be careful to avoid hazards like holes and walls. Chuck the Ball is a game that lets your finger do all the work.

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Shift Your Thinking about Puzzle Games

Shift - You know that "paradigm shift" thing your boss always goes on about in meetings? I don't recall ever seeing a "paradigm" and I've always doubted it would "shift" if I did. After reviewing MunkyFun's Shift, I think I finally get what the boss has been talking about.


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Flik is Fast-Paced Missile Flicking Fun

Flik markets itself as a puzzle game, which in many ways it is, but it also reminds me of some older arcade style games, especially Breakout. So as a game that spans a couple of genres, let’s take a look at what Flik offers.

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Buy The Safe - Can you crack the safe?  Are you up to the challenge? on the App Store

Can You Crack Open The Safe? Virtual Lockbox Offers Few Clues

Bored people are dangerous. From apps about flatulence, light sabers, and doing the drunk walk now comes the The Safe, or as it is officially titled The Safe — Can you Crack The Safe?. The Safe is a simple app that keeps you posted in your chair for hours trying to crack open a virtual safe.


Solve 16 Mini Puzzles in Lego Batman: Gotham City Games

Lego Batman: Gotham City Games is an excellent and engaging game that pieces together the Lego video game series into a puzzle-based game. However, it is very different from the traditional Lego video games available on the consoles.


Lamp Off a Turn On for Puzzle Fans Only

Lamp Off is a simple app that provides a true challenge for those who like to solve puzzles. This $2.99 puzzle app is on sales for $0.99 for a limited time and consists of a 5x5 grid of “bulbs,” which are either on (yellow) or off (black).


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KamiCrazy Touches the Best of Puzzles and Platforms

KamiCrazy is a great puzzle game that capitalizes on the finger-swiping ability of the iPhone/iPod touch. Sure, it doesn't look like a puzzle. Especially since the main character is a bearded wannabe Rambo-type soldier with a few missing teeth. 

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Sneezies App is a Contagious Puzzle Game

Pardon the pun, but as puzzle games go the Sneezies app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is nothing to sneeze at. The simple premise of Sneezies is to advance through levels in one of two modes by setting off a chain reaction of sneezes that subsequently free the animated “sneezies” from their captive bubbles.

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Twizzle Launches Color Matching Game With a Twist

Twizzle joins the many puzzle apps that involves matching colors or shapes to win. The object of Twizzle is to get rid of all of the colors in as little moves as possible. By tapping color groups of three or more the user can clear those and move on to the next grouping.


Buy i Love Katamari on the App Store

I Love Katamari — More to Like than to Love

I Love Katamari is the newest iteration of a game that went through a major overhaul from the original version. The new app has good responsiveness and some solid features, but a few hiccups and some odd gameplay still keep it from being a must-have for iPhone/iPod touch gamers.


Buy Fire Art Garden on the App Store

Fire Art Garden Not That Explosive

Fire Art Garden is a puzzle offering that puts you in a race against time to launch fireworks. To do so, you must rearrange a rope maze to let a spark makes its way to the launchers. While Fire Art Garden is novel in concept, some unresponsiveness from the touch screen keeps it from being a truly great app.

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Raindrop Will Have You Tipping and Tilting

Raindrop offers some simple fun that will have you tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch back and forth in an effort to keep yourself safe in the clouds. The "you" is a tiny raindrop, which must maneuver around an increasing flow of clouds to keep falling through the sky.


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The Number 14 Adds up to Good Times

I have been writing a bit about word games, that seems to be a popular thing for the iPhone at the moment, however Number 14 brings a number game to the iPhone. This number game is a very simple game that requires you to take the 4 numbers that are given and add, minus, multiply, or divide them in any sequence in order to end on the number 14.


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Poker Stacks is a New Twist on a Classic Card Game

Poker Stacks brings together a stacked block format with a very popular card game known as poker. The object of Poker Stacks is to clear all of the blocks on the board to a level below that of the line given.


Aqua Forest Fires up App Game

Part puzzle game and part digital play dough, OctiveEngine’s Aqua Forest may be stepping up the app game stakes. Aqua Forest is a 2D physics based game that allows you to let elements interact with the world to the limits of your imagination.


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