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JellyCar Has iPhone Fans Raving for Hand-drawn Platform Game

Hang on to your ejection seat, JellyCar has been released for the iPhone! With more than 463 reviews, JellyCar has received an average user rating of four out of five stars on the App Store.


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Asphalt4 Sets a New Standard in Racing Games

Asphalt4 from serious game developer GameLoft (producer of Shrek Video Games and Death Race Mobile) is a $9.99 Racing Game that combines the realistic action of Wing Nuts Motochaser with streetscapes set in Los Angeles.

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Audi A4 Driving Challenge

You can imagine it. Sitting behind the wheel of an overpriced car; the midwestern girls who will love you; the mid-level performance you will enjoy. It will be sooo awesome. The mildly pleasurable feeling I thought I might experience when playing Audi A4 never materialized.

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Crash Bandicoot - a Top Notch Racing Game

Crash Bandicoot, now published by Vivendi Mobile, is originally a PlayStation game developed by Radical Entertainment which has sold over 40 Million copies. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart 3D is a racing format set in the make-believe "Wumpa Islands"; the objective is to race around the track, avoiding oil slicks and enemy fire, and targeting "crates" containing goodies like extra lives and exotic weapons, such as surface to air missiles.

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Cro Mag Rally is Awesome

Cro Mag Rally from Austin based Pangea Software (makers of Enigmo) was long distributed as bundled software on macs. Now, thanks to the iPhone, this old game gets a new lease on life. Like Moto Racer, the controls here are the accelerometer (tilting the iPhone steers the car), and a virtual gas pedal / reverse.The game is a pleasure to play, with lots of levels, great music and a funny touches.


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