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Canword 1.1 - Read Latest News and All Social Feeds in One Location

Valvirt Technologies today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Canword 1.1, their new omni reader for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Drawing from sources all over the world, Canword displays news relevant to the user's geographic location and interests.


Evri for iPad is Topics-Based Newsreader That Improves Productivity

Evri for iPad is Topics-Based Newsreader That Improves Productivity

Keeping track of all the news that is important in our daily lives has become a full-time job. I cull through a few main categories which as some have guessed are technology, apps, Apple and my little known topic of gardening.


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Filamente Connects With Sharepoint to Access Files from the iPad

Filamente — The more popular the iPad becomes as a mobile device, the greater the desire for file management tools. The added functionality of viewing and reading documents, spreadsheets and other files gives a user yet another reason to ditch the laptop and just bring along an iPad.

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FileMagnet Is a Most Attractive App for File Transfer

FileMagnet from Magnetism Studios is a simple, yet elegant, iPhone app. Its primary function is to make it easy to shuttle files back and forth between your desktop and iPhone and it does that very well.

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Gazette Is Fuctional, Streamlined and Works as Advertised

Mateusz Rajca's Gazette works exactly as advertised: Gazette is a simple to use, RSS reader that seamlessly syncs to your Google Reader account. It takes only seconds to set up. Gazette connects to your folders in your Google Reader account and it doesn't matter how many feeds you're subscribed to.


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It’s no surprise that New York based Marco Arment’s Instapaper is such a huge hit with commuters and travelers. Readers who ride the train, bus, or subways will likely find Instapaper an essential part of their daily commute or journey.

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