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SleepKeeper Captures the Images and Sounds of Sleep

SleepKeeper Captures the Images and Sounds of Sleep

If you’ve ever wanted to prove just how loudly your significant other snores or that they really do steal your covers, then you guessed it – there’s an app for that. SleepKeeper is a simultaneously creepy and fascinating app that tells your iPhone or iPad to take incremental photos and sound recordings while running.


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Ringtone Recorder: Make It Personal

Ringtone Recorder - While the iPhone offers numerous features and customization options, most ringtones (officially-sanctioned ones, at any rate) have been limited to songs purchased in the iTunes store which are enabled to be used as ringtones.

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dB Provides Measured Innovation

dB - For those of you that love things that help you chronicle all facets of your life, Faber Acoustical has developed a uniquely original application that deserves your attention. In the age of Web 2.0 and countless social network platforms out there, dB provides an interesting approach to enable us to tell the stories of our lives.

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