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Buy 40 Days - Lent Observance Tracker on the App Store

Track and Atone With 40 Days - Lent Observance Tracker

Spring is finally on the way and we know this because Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent is February 17. If you’re a mobile Christian observing Lent this year, check out 40 Days – Lent Observance Tracker for iPhone and iPod Touch.


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iAm: Explore the Great I Am Through Quotes and Photos

iAm is an inspirational app designed to provide users with a guide for spiritual meditation and contemplation. The app uses stunning photography and more than 200 quotes from recognized authorities around the globe.


Buy Bible Shaker on the App Store

Bible Shaker: Spiritual Guidence At Hand

Every day millions of people throughout the world tap into some form of daily inspiration. Many are searching for spiritual guidance. Some the surprise and randomness of inspiration acquired from sources like a daily horoscope. For many Christians that spiritual guidance is often found in the verses of the Bible.

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Buy Siddur סדור - Zmanim Luach Minyanim - סידור לוח זמנים on the App Store

Siddur, a Prayer Book with Extras

Siddur is a Jewish weekday prayer book but Siddur, the iPhone app from RustyBrick, is something more than that. Two heads being better than one, I consulted with my wife Lorri before writing this review.


Buy Bible+ Maps on the App Store

Amplified Bible for BibleReader - Good but a Bit Expensive!

The Amplified Bible for BibleReader from Oliver Tree Bible Software builds on the company's BibleReader iPhone application ($0.99) to deliver the Amplified version of the Bible for the iPhone.

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Buy Bible on the App Store

YouVersion's Bible - The Truth will Set you Free!

Other than the App Store, the only other place I have seen more Bibles for sales is my local Christian bookstore! The Bible is by far the best selling book of all time (over 6 billion copies in more than 2000 languages) so at some level perhaps it makes sense that there are over 30 Bible applications available on the App Store ranging from free to a pricey $28.99.

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