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Buy State Bingo and Geography Crossword on the App Store

State Bingo and Geography Crossword Drives Learning with Creative App

Award-winning educational gaming developer, Niyaa LLC, today announced the launch of State Bingo and Geography Crossword for iPhone and iPod touch - an interactive learning adventure that helps kids learn while having fun.


Buy PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App on the App Store

PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App updated for iPhone 5

AppAvenger has announced their iPhone app, PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App 1.3, now supports the iPhone 5 larger screen. "We are pleased to release this update to our PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip application.


Family-Friendly Road Trip Games: Apps to Keep Kids Happy in the Car

Family-Friendly Road Trip Games: Apps to Keep Kids Happy in the Car

The challenge of a road trip is keeping everyone happy. These classic road trip games are updated for iPad and iPhone so the whole family can play together.

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Buy Videolicious on the App Store

Videolicious Quickly Creates Great Looking Videos

As a society, we're enthralled with video. In fact, YouTube exceeded 2 billion video views per day in May 2010 and there are 24 hours of video uploaded every minute. However, every video is not a must see epic blockbuster.

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Buy Poker for iPad on the App Store

Texas Hold'em Poker Takes Amateurs to Hold'em Superstars

Texas Hold'em now available in the app store. Winner, winner chicken dinner. Yes, that's a Black Jack term and a bad one at that, but what I’m reviewing here is the good old Texas Hold'em Poker app from Viaden Mobile.


Create and Listen To Playlists on the Go with Listenial

Listenial is a music app for iPhone and iPod Touch that links to the music stored in the default iPod application to allow you to create playlists on the go. As a music player, it’s effective and as a playlist creator, it’s equally effective.


Buy Beer 99 Bottles on the App Store

Beer 99 Bottles - Take your iPhone Down, Pass it Around...

Though a bit awkward sounding in name, Beer 99 Bottles is an entertainment app even Sheldon Cooper would love. Aimed at entertaining users in a most “off” the wall fashion, Beer 99 Bottles takes the classic road trip song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and makes it into something unique and rather amusing – in a cool, geeky sort of way.

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Brain Benders Offers Cerebral Teasers

If you enjoy logic puzzles, brain teasers, and trick questions, Brain Benders might be right up your alley. Brain Benders offers daily brain stimulating puzzles, some of which might have you scratching your head for a little while before figuring out the answer, while others are less difficult and at times not brainy enough.


Buy Mardo's Music Trivia on the App Store

Mardo's Music Trivia is Fun but Not Comprehensive Enough

Mardo's Music Trivia by developer Intersphere Communications is a great idea for all the music lovers out there. If you find yourself in a situation with time to kill and you like music and popular culture, a trivia game spanning numerous music genres seems like a perfect time-killer.

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