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dizm SKATE has the Attitude, but is a Rough Ride

dizm SKATE - Most skateboarding aficionados regard Touchgrind as the pinnacle of apps in this category. It has an innovative interface and captures the rough and uneven nature of pulling off tricks on a skateboard.


Skateropolis Is For Boarders to Skitch and Sk8

Skateropolis is a reference guide to 2,400 skate parks in the US and connects fans of the sport so they can comment on the venues they visit and view and post videos. Tap the Featured, Near Me or Search icon on the bottom menu bar to pop up a list of sk8parks.


GoLearn Skateboarding: A Pro For Your Pocket

GoLearn Skateboarding Explained - Let's get this out of the way: my knowledge of skateboarding is limited to knowing that Tony Hawk is some kind of bigshot (enough to rate his own video game, at any rate) and the occasional viewing of The X Games on TV when there's nothing else on.

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Touchgrind Misses Mark With Gameplay

Touchgrind is addictive — but for all the wrong reasons. I found myself madly playing for hours trying to master a control scheme that was nearly impossible to navigate. Touchgrind is a skateboarding game that works like a virtual Tech Deck fingerboard.