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MotionX-GPS Adds New Features for Skiing and Snowboarding

Fullpower-MotionX today announced a major update to its MotionX-GPS App for iPhone and iPod touch that adds support for skiing and snowboarding. MotionX-GPS is now the perfect app to take to the slopes as it's been enhanced with a new ski/snowboard mode to make your mountain experience even more fun.

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Touch Ski 3D is an Original iPhone Game, Done Right for Sport-loving Gamers

Touch Ski 3D - I’ve always had a weird fascination with extreme winter sports. Granted I’m not a skier or snowboarder by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve always enjoyed watching some of the amazing feats that professional “extreme” athletes pull off at the ESPN X-Games.

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iPhone Developer Spotlight: Will Perl of Naquatic

Will Perl, one half of the company Naquatic, has a new game that's already snowballing towards success in the App Store. Here he chats with AppCraver about his experience with Touch Ski 3D and developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.


Alpine Racer Shows Promise But Lacks Depth

Namco’s Alpine Racer series has historically been a fixture in arcades (when they were popular in the States...) for over a decade. It is a downhill skiing series that relied on beautiful graphics and an interesting swiveling apparatus (picture here) that aimed at simulating a skiing experience.


Alpine Ski Trail Maps Show the Lay of The Land for Skiers

Alpine Ski Trail Maps promises to relieve you of having to tuck away those foldable ski maps into your coat. Instead, it offers hundreds of maps that can instead be all tucked away onto your iPhone/iPod touch.

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i-Ski: Find The Best Times To Ski

It's always important to find out what the conditions are like at the mountain where you plan on skiing or snowboarding. There is no easier way to do that than on your iPhone. At anytime and in any place iSki makes that happen for you.

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