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Heliceum Catapults Naughty Boy: Sling And Shoot Onto iOS and Android

Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for smartphones and tablets, today announces the launch of their new creation "Naughty Boy: sling and shoot" on the Apple and Amazon App Stores, and now on Google Play Store.


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Slingshot Action Going Social: Multiplayer freemium iOS game Temple Raid

Independent developer Cynthia Bandara today announces the release and immediate availability of Temple Raid 1.0.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. "Peace between the tribes is fading as the Shamans ask for larger and ever more impressive temples to be built for the spirits.


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esDot Studio launches First-Person Snowball Shooter SnowBomber

From esDot Studios, a development house located in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, comes an exciting new game that will make this a winter you'll never forget... SnowBomber is a snowball fight like none you've ever had before!


Squids for iPhone- Get Your Underwater Game On

Squids for iPhone- Get Your Underwater Game On

Paris-based mobile game developers The Game Bakers has cooked up a hit with Squids, an under-water, turn-based casual adventure game. No kidding, building a rogue squid army to fight off evil crustaceans has never been so much fun.


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Angry Birds: Cartoon Revenge is More Fun than Physics Class

From the parabolic arcs traced by the birds you slingshot, to the slipping, sliding, splintering, crashing, and ricocheting of various objects you sling at, Angry Birds is a physicist’s dream.

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Slingshot a Mind-Bending Space Battle

The typical spaceship game has you racing through space and blasting your enemies. Instead, Slingshot relies on one very important weapon: your mind. The purpose of Slingshot is to launch missiles at the enemy and obliterate them before they get you.

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SuperPig Saves the World From Alien Invaders

A super hero’s work is never done even when you’re a pig. SuperPig is a “hammy” hero with a jet pack and ammo that flies all around the world. The goal of SuperPig is simple. Protect the world from the alien invaders.

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