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Buy Big Win Blackjack™ on the App Store

Big Win Blackjack Takes Players from Teaching to Tournament

On Friday, Mobile Deluxe, publisher of Solitaire Deluxe and Big Win Slots, introduced Big Win Blackjack for iOS, a free-to-play premium app featuring multi-hand action and tournament play.


Buy Rock Music Trivia Pro on the App Store

Rock Music Trivia 2.1 Free for iOS: 7,500+ Rock n Roll Trivia Questions

Ever wondered who the members of the '27 Club' are? Or who first turned The Beatles on to pot? Or maybe you're one of those music fans who think they know it all already? Whatever you level of expertise, Rock Music Trivia is the perfect challenge for everyone who loves debating music trivia with their buddies over a couple of cold ones.

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Take a Bite Out of Vampireville: Haunted Castle Adventure

Take a Bite Out of Vampireville: Haunted Castle Adventure

Vampireville is a seek-and-find game that features a rich, progressive story line with hidden object tasks, puzzles and mini-games spanning a total of 24 chapters. The premise of the story leads players to assume the role of a real estate appraiser checking out an ancient castle up for auction.


Congress Solitaire for iPhone and iPad Enters App Store with Game Center and More

Sprightly Software, maker of Cruel Solitaire and Baker's Dozen, today introduced Congress Solitaire for iPad and iPhone. This brilliant little iPad and iPhone game is the latest in Sprightly's series of solitaire games for iOS.


Buy Pounce on the App Store

Pounce Takes the Solitary Out of Solitaire

Pounce takes the solitary out of Solitaire, according to its developer, Double Apps. It’s a multiplayer card game that goes by many different names including Nertz, Canfield, Blitz, Grouch, Peanuts  and Nerf.


iPhone Developer Spotlight: Mark Andrade, Sputnik Games

AppCraver recently spoke with Mark Andrade, of Sputnik Games. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone? Did you have previous experience as a developer?


Interview with Christopher York, Blue Ox Technologies

Blue Ox Technologies has been in business as a consulting firm since 1998 and has been designing iPhone apps since July 2008. The company’s most popular app is the word game Moxie, which is like a mashup of Solitaire and Upwords, Christopher York, of Blue Ox, told AppCraver recently.


iPhone Developer Spotlight: Hasan Edain, NPC Unlimited

AppCraver recently spoke with Hasan Edain, CEO of NPC Unlimited. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone? Did you have previous experience as a developer?


Buy Zombieville USA on the App Store

Staying Alive in Zombieville USA

The campy graphics and theme are killer in MikaMobile's Zombieville USA. A little man in a trucker hat and a fishing vest is on a mission to kill some zombies and you, the user, are his guide. 

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MP Solitaire is Contradictory Card Fun

Get this — the MP in MP Solitaire stands for "multi-player," which come on, is a bit paradoxical. After all, you can’t play a game that was designed to be played alone with other people, right?

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Buy Solitaire by MobilityWare on the App Store

Solitaire by Mobility Ware — Hours of Solitary Fun

Solitaire - Have you ever wondered what makes a game popular and stand the test of time? I don’t know. What I do know is that before Sudoku and the Rubicks Cube, there was a game played with a deck of cards called Solitaire also known as Patience.

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Buy Big Deuce on the App Store

Big Deuce is a Unique, but Unfinished, Card Game

Big Deuce - For all of you Vegas aficionados that love playing offbeat and obscure card games, MotionObj has developed an iPhone application that speaks directly to you. Big Deuce is a game that replicates the card game of the same name originated in Eastern Asia.


Solitaire City Deluxe Adds Razzle-Dazzle Extras, Like Playing Over Wi-Fi

Solitaire City Deluxe, from Digital Smoke, is one of the best-looking Solitaire apps I've come across in the App Store, although let's face it: Solitaire is Solitaire. Everyone is a bit of an expert at playing at least one of the long-time card games invented by and for bored and lonely people.


Buy Edgewise on the App Store

Live Life on the Edge and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

"Hello, everyone. My name is Michael and I'm an addict." It first started when a friend suggested I try Edgewise from Greggy Bits Software. It's a simple little solitaire game. Put a few cards here and there and when all the cards are in their neat little boxes you've won the game.

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Buy MyChristmas on the App Store

MyChristmas Will Fill You With Holiday Cheer — and a Buffet of Mini Games

MyChristmas is an all in one holiday app by Talee Talee and it has everything that you need to make your holiday bright. This app is jam packed with whatever you are going to need to take you through Christmas right into the New Year.

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