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Buy SleepBot - Smart Cycle Alarm with Motion & Sound Tracker on the App Store

SleepBot for iOS Released - Sleep Tracking and Smart Cycle Alarm

SleepBot LLC today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of SleepBot for iOS. SleepBot, the critically acclaimed sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm and is finally available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!


Buy iLaugh Sound Machine on the App Store

iLaugh, You Laugh, We All Laugh

Why is six afraid of seven? Because 7,8,9! (Cue hysterical laughter.) This might be an extreme example, but now you really can "cue the laughtrack" when telling jokes that are more "roll your eyes" than "rolling on the floor." iLaugh Sound Machine is the most amusing 99 cents I've spent on an iPhone app so far.


Buy Ambiance on the App Store

Ambiance: Soothe the Savage Beast With Sound

I'm working from home today, but rather than the "peace, quiet and pajamas" I was expecting, there is a construction crew working upstairs. I really need to set the mood... what I need is a bit of Ambiance.

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