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Control the Tower with ATC Pro

If being in charge at an air traffic control tower is anything like the game ATC Pro, I'm not interested. ATC Pro can be enjoyable to play, but it has a pretty steep learning curve. (If you want to check out a demo in action, watch the video after the jump.) The objective is to successfully land and manage takeoffs without it ending in disaster.


Omini Stones: Fun and Frustration Rolled into One Strategic Puzzle

If you just look at the picture, Omini Stones might be mistaken for another drop in the popular match-three bucket. But that, dear AppCravers, is why you should never judge an app by it's cover.

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Sparkz: Qix Clone Finds new Generation of Gamers on the iPhone

Sparkz is a puzzle game with a long history. The app is a reproduction of the vintage Mac game Qix, which was in turn based on an earlier arcade game. And while I never played Qix, I hear that Sparkz does an excellent job of porting the popular arcade puzzle to the iPhone platform.


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Wordweaver Takes Word Games to the Next Level

Wordweaver adds new features, twists and roadblocks to the typical "find and select" word puzzlers. It could be one of the most innovative word games I've played in a while, and it's easily the most challenging.

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Grabl is a Fast-Paced Addition to iPhone Word Games

Grabl is a word-building strategy game that will appeal to those brainy types who prefer a shot of adrenaline with their morning crossword.

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Buy ORBITAL on the App Store

Orbital: Best-Looking App, but Still Requires Strategy and Skill

Orbital, the new space-themed app from BitForge, is a stand-out game that can be played with one hand. It falls loosely into the brick-breaker category, but takes this straightforward concept adds a few new ideas, a bit of social media and packages it all up with gorgeous graphics.

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Buy Medieval on the App Store

Medieval is a Polished Castle Defense Game

It's not often that a game can truly appeal to gamers of multiple skill levels. But I think that Medieval, the castle defense game from Brisk Mobile, is one of those games. Set the difficulty to easy and it's challenging but winnable, a good incentive for casual gamers to keep playing.


Saga Catapult: Aim and Shoot is a Good Strategy for SAGA Developers

SAGA has been available as MMORTS game for quite sometime, now Silverlode Interactive is bringing a taste of their real time strategy game to the iPhone and iPod touch with Saga Catapult.

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Buy Ballz! - Pro Version on the App Store

Ballz! Pro Adds Sporty Animations to Twisted Match-3 Puzzle

Ballz! Pro — If you've played a mobile game in the last 5 years, chances are you've played some variation of the match-3 puzzle popularized by games like Bejeweled. Easy and addicting, match-3 games are a dime a dozen in the App Store.

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iPhone Developer Spotlight: Jason Petralia, people operating technology

AppCraver recently spoke with Jason Petralia, CEO and Co-Founder of people operating technology. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?


Ancient Tribe Off to a Good Start, but Needs to Evolve

If you’re scoping out real-time strategy games for iPhone in the App Store then you may run across Ancient Tribe by Celestial Digital Entertainment. Ancient Tribe is a strategy game where you grow a tribal village by hunting and collecting natural resources.


Buy Zentomino - Relaxing alternative to tangram puzzles on the App Store

Zentomino is Peaceful and Challenging

Zentomino - Whenever I review a strategy game app, I pretty much always describe it as “hard.”  This may say more about me than the apps.  That said, Zentomino is a hard game, but not too hard.

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Buy Bloons on the App Store

Get it Poppin with Bloons

Bloons - One of the best remedies to a slow day at the office is loading up a good ol’ flash game that can be played through your Internet browser. I wouldn’t dare engage in such a shameless waste of my employers time, but I’m just going by what I hear...

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Buy Brain Teaser Extreme on the App Store

BrainTeaser Proves to Be Difficult

BrainTeaser definitely teases your brain. Uwe Meier made this app a serious workout for your mind. Question is, how much of a challenge are you looking for? BrainTeaser could prove to be too difficult for you.


Dark Raider is One Cliché You'll Enjoy

Dark Raider - I’ll admit it, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for a good hack-n-slash dungeon crawler. You don’t really see too many of them being made nowadays, but I distinctly recall spending hours glued to a Gauntlet coin-op in my local Pizza Hut restaurant as a kid.


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