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7 Cities Tower Defense Game Includes Marauding Pirates

7 Cities - I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but until recently, I didn't realize just how engaging tower defense strategy games such as Fieldrunners and Zombie Attack can be. The concept didn't seem all that challenging so I never looked at the genre closely.


Shift Your Thinking about Puzzle Games

Shift - You know that "paradigm shift" thing your boss always goes on about in meetings? I don't recall ever seeing a "paradigm" and I've always doubted it would "shift" if I did. After reviewing MunkyFun's Shift, I think I finally get what the boss has been talking about.


Twizzle Launches Color Matching Game With a Twist

Twizzle joins the many puzzle apps that involves matching colors or shapes to win. The object of Twizzle is to get rid of all of the colors in as little moves as possible. By tapping color groups of three or more the user can clear those and move on to the next grouping.


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Alphabetic Puzzles and Challenges

Alphabetic is a game that is all about hand and eye coordination. Tap the letters of the alphabet in sequence. Start with A and try to get to Z before time runs out. For every letter you find correctly you’ll get three seconds. The faster you find letters the more points you’ll earn. Three seconds or less gets you a quick find bonus. Find one in less than a second, it’s a blitz bonus for even more points. Chain them together and you’ve earned even more points. There 26 trophies awarded to top scorers. They range from fast fingers to perfection.

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Quantum Lights is a Puzzle Without a Clue

Jeremy Smith's Quantum Lights is one of those puzzles that you either get, or you don't. I get it, but the game fails to captivate my attention in the same way as Rubik's Cube, which this game reminds me of a bit.


Fleck Tells a Magic Story

Fleck is a board game app for the iPhone and I have yet to see anything similar. The object of the game is to get the little guy in the green shirt, also known  as Fleck, to the cove. You have to do this without coming into contact with the acid raindrops or the toadstool which will poison him and ultimately end the game.


Chocolate Shop Frenzy is Pretty Sweet

Emma, the heroine of Chocolate Shop Frenzy, quits her marketing job, gets a small business loan, buys a chocolate shop and goes into business. Her goal is to employ her time-management skills to successfully run the shop for a year — long enough to pay back her loan.


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Tiki Towers: Start Monkeying Around

Tiki Towers is a building game where you use various island objects to create bridges, wheels or towers for your monkeys to climb. Tiki Towers is quickly addictive and perfect for short bursts of play.

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Slingshot a Mind-Bending Space Battle

The typical spaceship game has you racing through space and blasting your enemies. Instead, Slingshot relies on one very important weapon: your mind. The purpose of Slingshot is to launch missiles at the enemy and obliterate them before they get you.

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Warfare Incorporated: An Epic Adventure

Most of the games that have made their appearance on the iPhone have been of the speedy, arcade-style variety. Not so with Warfare Incorporated. The port of the popular game for the PC and other platforms is an excellent option for those who want a longer, in-depth experience for their iPhone or iPod Touch.

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No Way, It's Dots! for the iPhone - and It's Free

I remember being a little boy back in grammar school wasting tons of time on a game that we drew out on a piece of paper and played. That game was called Dots, and no paper game was better than that one. 

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Defend the Pearly Gates in TapDefense

Get ready to spend some time playing TapDefense by TapJoy because it’s extremely addicting. Your goal is simple, don’t allow the demons, firecats, locust and other evils into heaven.

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Spinblox Pieces Together Puzzles Like Tetris and Bejeweled

Spinblox Pieces Together Puzzles Like Tetris and Bejeweled

Once again, you see the mighty Tetris shine its way through in this game.  Spinblox turns out to be a play on Tetris as well as Bejeweled. Similar to Tetris, the blox fall from the top and land on the top layer.


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Stompem is a Brain Twizzler

Stompem is a game that will test your mental skills as you maneuver a one-toothed, balding character to squash vegetables and beach accessories. Think again if you believe the purpose of this game is to mindlessly squash away. Instead you have to figure out what order you should stomp the items in order to avoid Fumu-San (yes, that's his name) breaking into tears - which is what ends the round.

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Lemonade Stand Won't Leave You Thirsty

Should you raise the price of your glasses and drop the amount of signs, or maybe lower the cost and make more glasses? This is the simple beauty of Lemonade Stand by Maverick Software that will bring you back over and over again.

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