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NineGaps Has Your Daily Numbers

Quadion Technologies' NineGaps is in some ways like Sudoku, the number puzzler that bookkeepers, Mensa wannabes and violinists seem to enjoy more than everyone else. NineGaps is different than Sudoku in that you complete puzzles consisting of three rows and three columns.

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Interview with Laurie Ann Sims, President of Wizzard Media

Recently, Wizzard Media, a podcasting network, acquired exclusive distribution rights to six iPhone apps: John Kooistra’s Blue Attack and Blue Defense!, Phase 2 Media’s OmNomNom, Sudoku Classic and Sudoku Unlimited, and Markus Strobe’s Touch Scan.


iPhone Developer Spotlight: Mike Meyer at Weasel Floss Studios

Mike Meyer, Principal at Weasel Floss Studios, is part of the team behind the recently released iBuddha. This is their debut app as a company, but not their first time developing together.  "iPhone ideas are everywhere," Meyer says.


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Solitaire by Mobility Ware — Hours of Solitary Fun

Solitaire - Have you ever wondered what makes a game popular and stand the test of time? I don’t know. What I do know is that before Sudoku and the Rubicks Cube, there was a game played with a deck of cards called Solitaire also known as Patience.

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Brainy Puzzles: CryptArithm Will Strain Your Brain

Aspiring cryptographers and codebreakers, have I got an app for you! Brainy Puzzles: CryptArithm (the first in a series of "solid, serious and challenging" puzzle games created by Gamecentric) offers over 500 math-based logic puzzles that are sure to get the wheels turning and the brain cells bubbling.

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Jabeh: Find the Hidden Stones in This Logic Puzzle

Jabeh, an interesting logic puzzle app, is a mixture of Sudoku and Minesweeper. Your goal in Jabeh is to find the 12 hidden stones on each puzzle board. The arrows on the board are to help point you in the right direction of the hidden stones.

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CatDoku: Cat Sudoku has Nine Cats But Not Nine Lives

CatDoku - Cat Sudoku, created by James Thomson and presented by ELogicPuzzles, is exactly what you think it is: a version of the popular logic game Sudoku, using cats instead of numbers. In case you've somehow missed out on Sudoku, the concept is fairly simple.


ACTSudoku - Friendliest Sudoku App Yet

For the uninitiated, sudoku is a number-based puzzle game that requires using the numbers 1 through 9 to fill a 9x9 grid in a precise manner. There are plenty of sudoku apps out there that supply a puzzle for to you solve and that's it.


Interview with James Thomson of eLogic Puzzles

AppCraver recently spoke with James Thomson of eLogic Puzzles, developer of Sudoku and GRE Vocabulary Scramble. He answered our questions about developing for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Sudoku Guru Leads the Way Toward Number Nirvana

The modern game of sudoku was developed in the end of the 1970's and garnered a large following in Japan during the 80's where it got it's name Sudoku, meaning single number.  Sudoku became popular world wide somewhere in 2005. 


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Sudoku (Free) Adds up to Good Times

Sudoku has been a favored pastime for newpaper-gamers for a long time.  Usually right next to the crossword, it offers a game of numbers that is easier to conquer. For those of you who don't know what sudoku is, it involves 9 large boxes which has another 9 boxes inside each large box.

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Interview with Dan Bourque, creator of Square Master

AppCraver recently spoke with Dan Bourque, the developer of Square Master. He answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?


Interview with Andrew Stone of BigStonePhone

To finish off the week the AppCraver crew interviewed Andrew Stone of development shop BigStonePhone, developers of popular iPhone apps TalkingPics, iGraffiti and Twittelator. AppCraver: When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?


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