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Buy Football Squares Plus on the App Store

Football Squares Plus for iPad Returns for 2013 Super Bowl

Once again, football enthusiasts can replace the Paper and Pen Squares betting sheets of old with the high-tech option of the Football Squares Plus 2.6 app for iPad. New features have been added to the touch-based, interactive app for this season to assist those running squares sheets during Playoff and Super Bowl viewing parties.


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FitPlay App Offers On Demand Video Workouts from Worlds Best Coaches

FitPlay 1.1.1 for iOS provides instant access to workout videos from the world's best coaches on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV. FitPlay is the first app to provide high caliber workout videos from proven coaches and fitness experts to mobile device users.

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Catch Up on Superbowl Gossip Through the Footballers Who Make It

ReSporter: Football shows social media messages from top American football players in real time. Head First, iOS developer and creator of the popular Super Twario, is pleased to release ReSporter: Football, an iPhone app with real time access to the social media accounts of the top athletes in American Football — without having to sign up for or search through social media sites.

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Rule the Gridiron with NFL 2011

NFL 2011 is a solid football game that should satisfy most fans and sports gamers. It lacks some of the polish and extra features found in Madden 11 but does enough to make it a worthy competitor. NFL 2011 has three gameplay modes: exhibition, season and playoffs.

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Use Smule's Sonic Lighter to Find Out which is the Top Drawers

Smule, known for Ocarina and other best-selling apps, has introduced a new version of Sonic Lighter that enables users around the world to help answer one of life's most pressing questions: "Boxers or briefs?" If you're a boxer guy, flick on a green flame; if you're a briefs guy, light it white.