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Buy Vegas Ninja - Help The Ninja Heroes Slice and Cut Through A Blitz of Tiny Flying Cards! on the App Store

Vegas Ninja: the first arcade game based on slicing flying cards

Vegas Ninja is a new addictive arcade game just published on the App Store.

Based on the same slicing gameplay mechanic that made famous Fruit Ninja, it improves on action and attention, as players have to follow some simple rules to play with poker cards like a true ninja, through an infinite number of levels which adds on speed and precision!


Buy Simon's Poker Casino on the App Store

Simons Poker Casino for iOS: Texas Holdem Poker-Bot Learns As It Plays

VTI Games today is pleased to announce Simon's Poker Casino 2.0 for iPad, a major update to their Texas Hold'em game that analyzes its opponent's play, learning his or her strengths and weaknesses, which the poker-bot exploits in order to win.


Poker Tools Will Help Take Your Texas Hold 'Em Game to the Next Level

Poker Tools Will Help Take Your Texas Hold 'Em Game to the Next Level

It has been said that poker is a game that takes a minute to learn, but a life time to master. If you are a beginner to the game and looking to increase your skill or a regular player hoping to take your Hold ‘em game to the next level, then Poker Tools by the developers at APPGRANULA may be just the app to make it happen.

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JackApps Claims Niche in Offbeat Mobile Gaming With Memory Holdem

JackApps Studios, the Indie app developer, has launched Memory Hold'em for iOS, blending Poker and Memory games in a single app to carve a niche in the world of offbeat mobile gaming.

Memory Hold'em, JackApps' debut app, distills the head-scratching challenge of memory games, the hair-raising suspense of poker, and the laid-back connection of social gaming.

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Buy Suicide Kings 2 on the App Store

Suicide Kings 2 - The King Returns to the App Store

Digital Leprechaun today is pleased to announce that Suicide Kings 2 for iOS is now available as a free download from the App Store in all regions. Suicide Kings 2 is a collection of three casino themed puzzle games and features the artwork of Hugo Awarding winner Cheyenne Wright.


Buy Poker for iPad on the App Store

Texas Hold'em Poker Takes Amateurs to Hold'em Superstars

Winner, winner chicken dinner. Yes, that's a Black Jack term and a bad one at that, but what I’m reviewing here is the good old Texas Hold'em Poker app from Viaden Mobile. Be it the three months I lived in Las Vegas in first grade or the multiple "Vegas, baby, Vegas" trips I've taken over the years on multi-day road trips with my brother, I'm intrigued with all-things poker.


App Store Celebrates 1 billion Downloads with $10,000 iTunes Gift Card and More Prizes

934,047,733 downloads as of April 11, 2009, 10:54 AM EST and counting. The App Store is rapidly closing in on its 1 billionth download and to celebrate, Apple is giving anyone who downloads an app the chance to win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule, and a fully-loaded MacBook Pro.


THTouch Texas Hold'em Poker Application

Texas Hold'em poker has been an extremely popular version of poker.  Recently it became the most played game of poker and often involves professionals and amateurs playing for large amounts of cash.

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Interview with Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper

iPhone glued to your hand? Here's another application that will help keep it there. RunKeeper is a groundbreaking application that uses the iPhone 3G's built-in GPS to track movements. If you like to run, hike, bike or just walk RunKeeper keeps track of your moves.


Beating Texas Hold'Em on the iPhone

Flying cross-country twice over the past week gave me a chance to spend a little more time with the Texas Hold'Em app for the iPhone. While a great application, unfortunately the AI is very weak and easily beatable, even in the tournaments with the most expensive buyins.


Problems with iPhone applications closing abruptly

Since picking up my iPhone three days ago, I've been blown away by the UI and all the applications available for the phone. I've never had a phone that was so easy to use and so powerful at the same time.

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Texas Hold'Em iPhone App

Currently holding the #1 slot in the iPhone app rankings is Texas Hold'Em.

Apple's poker simulator is a great time-waster, whether you're playing the single-player mode or playing against your friends.

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