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iStudent Pro Might be the App For Your Dreams

iStudent Pro - I have this recurring nightmare that I’m a student and I’m very late for classes, or worse, I’m running up and down long hallways trying to find the right room. It’s apparently a common dream.

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InerTrak Marks Time for Freelancers and Solo Workers

Inertron Software's InerTrak is designed for freelancers and others who work solo and who need to track their clients, the number of hours they devote to a project and calculate how much they're owed based on their hourly rates.

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FCTasks by Franklin Covey Good, Not Great

FCTasks by Franklin Covey FCmobilelife is another in a long list of task management apps that is likely to get attention by brand recognition alone. Using the popular ABC-123 method of prioritization, FCTasks allows users to employ various methods of tracking and organizing their to-do lists and includes the ability to track due dates, edit and sort tasks, and change task views, as well as assign customized categories and notes.

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WhereIsMyTime - Time Never Stops but at Least You'll Know Where It Went

Where did all the time go? If you're like most people, you're bound to ask yourself that question more than a few times in a week. With Brainsoft Labs' WhereIsMyTime, you can keep a record of how you spend your time your day, week or month's activities.


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