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Buy Nota Plex - write notes and lists on the App Store

Nota Plex 1.1 - Note-writing Suite for iPad Now Includes Spreadsheets

Quadrivio Corporation today is pleased to announces the release and immediate availability of Nota Plex 1.1, a multipurpose note-writing app for the iPad, featuring an extended keyboard that enables creation of notes, outlines, check lists, and spreadsheets by typing.


Buy Sage Payments on the App Store

Sage Mobile Payments Handles Credit Cards, Signatures And Taxes

Sage North America today announced the launch of Sage Mobile Payments 2.0, the latest version of its Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant mobile payments product. Sage Mobile Payments comes bundled with a Sage merchant account, and allows businesses to cost effectively and securely process credit and debit card transactions on mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, including Apple's iPad, across all major wireless carriers.

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iPhone Developer Spotlight: Jason Petralia, people operating technology

AppCraver recently spoke with Jason Petralia, CEO and Co-Founder of people operating technology. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?


Buy 3 Numbers Traveler's Conversion App on the App Store

3 Numbers is a Travel Utility App that Provides Way More than 3 Functions

3 Numbers - Despite the influx of tip calculators, currency converters, note apps and other utilitarian applications for iPhone, the new releases keep coming. One of the latest, 3 Numbers by Politepix, is a traveler’s multi-tool, enabling conversion of currency and units combined with both standard and tip calculators and more.

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Tip Calculator Top Can End Your Meal Right

Like other similar apps for iPhone, Tip Calculator Top is exactly what its name implies — a tip calculator. You can input the amount of the bill, select the percentage you want to tip, and even split the total bill evenly between multiple people and receive an immediate calculation.


iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One Could be Useful, Clever or Neither

To be honest, I’m sitting on the fence where iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is concerned. Brought to you by Headlight Software Inc., the makers of wifi disk and other utility/productivity tools, iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is exactly as the name implies — 16 different apps in one with the + presumably indicating more to come. Basically, it’s a compilation of some of the more popular free utility and miscellaneous apps as well as a few others randomly thrown in for fun.


Buy Tipulator on the App Store

Tipulator is Sweet Like Candy at the End of Your Meal

If there's anything that Apple has taught us over the years it's that users are willing to pay for a great user experience. Such is the case with Tipulator. Sure, there are free tips calculators in the app store and sure, Tipulator doesn't offer any extra-special features.

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Tipper - you may never need to do math again

I have a friend who always tries to get out of paying the tip; I’m usually the one making up for it because I get full and then I get tired.  I’m too lazy to be bothered with figuring out the tip - especially if I am eating with many people.