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OmniFocus Has a Steep Learning Curve, but Mac Users Would Probably Like It

Omni Group's OmniFocus is intended to bring order to chaos; tranquility to a harried life; and organization to the items on your to-do lists. OmniFocus is a task manager designed to aid you in taking charge of your everyday chores in your work and home lives.

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Toodledo: Quirky Name, Easy Way to Manage To-Dos

When I first heard of Tooledo, I hadn’t heard of the Web site and while I assumed it was some sort of organization application, I still admittedly thought the name was kind of “sing-song,” like a greeting Mrs.

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Pinboard Keeps Track of Notes Using a Familiar Interface

Every application won’t wow you. Some of them have one function and arguably do that one thing well. Pinboard is that application. Pinboard is a productivity app that lets you make notes on a virtual pinboard and drag them around the screen and arrange anyway you choose. Using it is not mentally taxing and learning to maneuver around in the app isn’t terribly difficult either.

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iSticky Sticks With the Facts

If you’re super busy and with school, work or just life in general, one of your missions each day may be to try to remember everything you’re supposed to do that day. How we do this differs from person to person. Developers have come to the rescue faster than late night infomercials hawking memory pills. iSticky will help you remember it all and keep you well organized.


Wait for iProcrastinate to Get Better

iProcrastinate Mobile is, according to Craig Otis, its developer, "task management for the rest of us." That's not quite correct. Although the developer says in his description and on his Web site that iProcrastinate is aimed equally at students and business folks, I don't buy it.


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SmartTime Organizer Promises You the Time of Your Life

Think of Left Coast Logic’s SmartTime 1.3 as a more powerful and adaptable to-do organizer and scheduler than similar apps and that pretty much sums it up. Where SmartTime Organizer really differs from other pocket organizers is in its flexibility to easily organize items on your schedule, prioritize them, accommodate unexpected changes and integrate tasks by simply dragging them.

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Grocery IQ - Manage and Share Your Grocery Shopping List

The best utility apps are those that have proven themselves to be extremely functional aka time saving. Grocery IQ falls into this category by simplifying the often tedious and cumbersome task of grocery shopping.

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Zenbe Lists is a Close to Perfect To-Do List

Zenbe Lists, from downtown New York-based Zenbe is a must have to-do list app. It is heads and shoulders above any other app in this category. Competitors should be very, very afraid. To do lists are important to mac users, because unlike Outlook's tasks, there is no "to-do" functionality built into the mac ical/macmail/mobileme suite.

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