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Buy Photo Transfer WiFi - Drag&Drop to any iPhone/iPad/Desktop your photos and videos on the App Store

Photo Transfer WiFi makes sending photos from iOS devices a snap

Based in New York - Simplex Solutions Inc., the developer of state-of-the-art iOS apps, today announces release of Photo Transfer WiFi for iPhone and iPad. The new application ensures straight and effortless way to transfer photos and videos from iPhones and iPads to any other devices and computers over WiFi connection.


Buy SMS PC HappyFingers : iPhone on your desktop on the App Store

HappyFingers Lets Users Search Contacts, Dial and Send SMS From Their PC

Announcing that Red Trolley Software Pty Ltd, the developer of HappyFingers, has released the latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. HappyFingers makes it easier than ever before to look up, select, and dial or text message their contacts than it is using their small iPhone keypad.


Interview with Galarina's Chris Cornelis, developer

Galarina's Chris Cornelis is the developer of GeoLogTag, an image logging  and tagging app. "There are about a dozen of geologging-geotagging apps that offer some of the functionality of GeoLogTag, but they all have a more complex workflow," Cornelis says assertively.


Buy Mover+ on the App Store

Mover+ Makes it Simple to Share Photos Over Wi-Fi for Free

Someone infinitely more wise and insightful than myself once said that “the best things in life are free.” That maxim didn’t resonate with me until I became an adult as I realized I found the most pleasure in simple joys and pleasures.

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QuickPic: Instantly Transfer Your Photos by Uploading Them Online

QuickPic by Zach Waugh is a very nifty little app that lets you instantly upload photos to the Internet, making them available at a specific URL within seconds. QuickPic is simple, straightforward, and by far the fastest way to get photos from your iPhone or iPod touch onto the Web.

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