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My Travel Assistant: Dont Travel Without It

Occasional and frequent travelers need to be aware of expenses. My Travel Assistant provides the tools necessary to help users stay in control of their money while traveling the world. This all-in-all global expense tracker, currency converter and language translator was featured by Apple as one of the top travel apps, and praised by professional travel sites and users around the world.


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GoTranslate 2.2 Adds Voice to Your Translations, in a Natural Way

lightroomapps. presents the next version of GoTranslate for iPhone and iPad. GoTranslate 2.2 is a language translator which gives you access to more than 66 languages. This app allows you to translate, copy, paste, edit or share your translations.


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GoTranslate 2.1 - Share and Edit Translations, Stop Wasting Time

lightroomapps. today announces the release of updated GoTranslate 2.1 for iOS. This app is the best language translator for Google Translate. It's the perfect solution for translating words and sentences between more than 66 languages.


Get Mobile Faxing and Real-Time SMS Language Translation in VoxOx

Even for those who don't fax regularly, there's always that one time when you need it and have to jump through hoops to find a solution. We felt that enabling consumers to take care of these needs with a simple, free app would go a long way," said Hertz.


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Sign4Me is a 3D Signed English Translator for iPhone and Touch

I would like to preface this review of Sign4Me for iPhone and iPod touch  by saying that I am not an expert in Signed English or American Sign Language (ASL), but am aware there are differences.

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Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook Flirts with Travelers

Global travelers, especially the flirty kind, will find Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook, can help them get along with the locals. The best place to start with Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook is the Setting icon on the right side of the bottom menu bar.

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iTranslate Plus is no Universal Translator, but it's Pretty Good

iTranslate Plus, from Outer Space Apps, enables you to translate text between 2 of 35 languages. It’s not as capable as the Universal Translator so often used on Star Trek (there’s no Romulan or Klingon, for example) but it works fine for humans, as far as I can tell.

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Buy Babelingo Translated Phrases - 11 Languages on the App Store

Babelingo: a Personal Multi-Language Translator

Babelingo is an on-the-spot translator by Alta Vida LLC featuring 300 words and phrases in 11 different languages right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. There are a few ways to navigate the Babelingo library: categorically, by favorites, or by searching.

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Votara to traduki Angla en Esperanto Aplikajo

Sofweb's Esperanto is a votara to traduki Angla en Esperanto. (Softweb's Esperanto is a dictionary to translate English into Esperanto.) You already knew that, I'll bet. That's what Esperanto is all about: It's a universal second language that is supposed to be easy to learn and understood by everyone.

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Linguo - A Superior iPhone Translation App

* Editor's Note: We've reviewed many translator apps since this article first published in 2008. For more up-to-date-information check out the iPhone translator Travel Interpreter. When it rains, it pours.


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BdTranslator - Translations App

AppCraver reviewed translation app Talking Phrasebooks recently, so when Alan Cook from Bad Dog Apps sent us a free test version of BdTranslator, another translation app, I thought we'd take a look at it and compare it to Talking Phrasebooks.


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Talking Phrasebooks make for Great Travel Companions

The Talking Phrasebooks apps from UK application developer Coolgorilla offer basic phrases and dictionaries in six languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek and Portuguese) with over 350,000 downloads so far and Spanish being the most popular language.

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