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Buy Historical Currency Converter on the App Store

Historical Currency Converter Makes Sense Over Time

Historical Currency Converter, from WFTSoft, puts a new spin on your ordinary, everyday money changer app. You can use the Historical Currency Converter to calculate the conversion rates for the world’s top currencies — US Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Sterling and the Euro — from January 1971 to the present day.

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Buy Convert - Unit Converter by PBF on the App Store

Convert: Answers In The Palm Of Your Hand

Convert (Unit Converter by PBF) - One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there are several categories of possessions. The two that come to mind today are the possessions of others that I would love to own and those that I own but seldom use — but when I do use them nothing else will do.

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Buy Currency Converter - Money Exchange Rates for more than 220 currencies! on the App Store

Currency Converter: Find Your Money's Worth in 200 currencies

Currency Converter, from dev Paolo Grifantini, is one of several similar apps in the App Store designed to convert dollars into dinars, drachmae, dirhams or some other denomination. It's the kind of thing you need in your pocket when you're trying to figure out whether you're better off buying that bottle of perfume in the duty-free shop or on the local economy.

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Quid is Your Quick and Easy Universal Currency Converter

Quid - Currency Converter by Houdah Software is a new on-the-go international currency converter for your iPhone or iPod touch. With thirty-three different foreign currencies to choose from, Quid (formerly ACTCurrency) makes any international business a breeze.

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Buy Measures - Unit and Currency Converter on the App Store

Measures Unit and Currency Converter Uses the Convenience of a Scroll Wheel

Measures Unit and Currency Converter is an iPhone conversion app by German developer Neuwert Media, which includes all of the standard conversion categories but differs from other apps mainly in its interface and usability.


Buy myConvert - unit converter on the App Store

MyConvert Offers More Conversions Than Many Apps, Including Some Unusual Ones

With so many conversion apps available at the app store it's hard to choose. MyConvert by developer Lu A Oo is based on the earlier iConvert and it includes several user-requested units, which make it slightly different than some other conversion apps out there.


Buy a2z Pro (Unit Converter) on the App Store

a2zpro - Making the Most of User Integration

a2zpro is the successor to a2z from UK iPhone app developer Westernits and it is a truly innovative tool as far as conversion apps are concerned. Upon every opening of a2zpro the exchange rates are updated for the currency converter, which provides 154 categories with live data from Yahoo!. The currencies work slightly different than in other apps since the user selects the currency and amount and the other 153 conversions are shown underneath (no from-and-to selections are needed and the page is not limited to only a few units).

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Buy Converter - The Unit Converter on the App Store

Converter Brings A Wide Array of Units

Converter, by developer Unitconvertr, is a simple and easy-to-use conversion tool that supports 172 units across 15 categories and turns out to be a more colorful and elaborate version of the free conversion app Units.

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Buy Units - Unit Converter for your iPhone on the App Store

Units - Same Name, Different App

Units, like its namesake, is a handy conversion app but while the name is the same, the features are very different. First off Units costs $0.99 while the app is free and the price does not equal better quality.


Buy Units - Free Unit Converter on the App Store

Units - The Useful and Free Converter

Units by UK developer TheMacBox is a great and easy-to-use conversion app, which provides most units that anyone who is not a professional engineer would ever need. The main page of the app allows you to select the desired unit, leading the user to the next page, which shows several conversions at once with the option to edit the list of conversions for some units like currencies.

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